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Weekend Edition: 417 Cars and Coffee – 2015 Wrap-up, The Sequel


So last Tuesday, fellow Hooniverse contributor and also fellow Ozarkian, Marcal Eilenstein posted his wrap up of the final 417 Cars & Coffee of the 2015 season. If my fellow Hoons missed it, you should take a take a look at it here. Marcal and this olelongrooffan have similar posting styles in that we often take an event we have attended and break it into different segments….my recent Branson Auctions posts come to mind…and he had broken his attendance at this event up similarly. But as to fact his post was the Wrap-up, I can only presume fellow Hoon Marcal has forgotten this olelongrooffan is a member of the Slacktivism group over on that Book about my Face. I do, however, find it interesting to see what two Hoons attending the same event find to be notable and worth sharing. Click on through to see what this olelongrooffan found worthy of sharing.

But first, the obligatory ’55 Chevy Belair Hardtop, seldom noted by this author and the only Tri 5 spotted that day by this olelongrooffan.


Now Marcal and I have been trying to get together to attend some events over this past summer but for one reason or another, we have been unable to hook up. Oh well, just another reason to look forward to springtime in the Ozarks. I arrived a bit later in the day than Marcal and it appears that there was a mild turnover of rides as I did not spot any of the Lambos he referred to in his post. But I did spot this beautiful red Porsche that is similar to the one my nephew, NotSoLilJim took his driver’s test in two and half decades ago. Feeling old yet LilJim?. (See the last comments by Bus_Plunge in this post for reference.)


And that Porsche was parked next to a couple of its younger brothers in this Porsche line up.


And this was the Nissan corner consisting of a few Z’s and a Fairlady. That baby blue Bentley only gets an Honorable Mention. This olelongrooffan saw so many of those during my years of living in the Sunshine State that they seem as ubiquitous as are Camrys. Not one of which was seen that day. But a nice Bentley, nonetheless.


And based on what the groups I am a member of over at that Book about my Face, these Yodas are quite desirable. To this olelongrooffan? The roof isn’t long enough to warrant much more than this bit of fame. Although this one is pretty sweet. FE86?


The next ride stumbled upon was this, IIRC, 1982 280Z. This thing was in immaculate condition and the owner was chatting it up with another Hoon.


Without meaning to eavesdrop, I did hear him mention that it had only 22,000 miles on the odo. That explains why this ride was in such great shape.


And with that Turbo underhood, I can’t believe it wasn’t more thrashed. The only explanation this olelongrooffan can come up with is the fact the driver only needed to pedals to operate this fastback.


This turbo GTI was nice


as was this TT. Although this olelongrooffan doesn’t get the license plate reference. Any help my fellow Hoons?


But this stock first gen RX 7 kicked both their butts. I haven’t seen one in this great of shape in I don’t know how long.


And a Porsche 944 hood open, generally the way these cars are seen lately. Although this one was clean and presumably got here and left under its own power.


And another 944 just for fun.


And just over a ways was this pair of ragtops. A nice S2000 and a C3 Corvette. Now this olelongrooffan isn’t a huge fan of Corvettes but this model, even with the plastic ass, does it for me. Incidentally, the vanity plate I had on all three of my E30 ragtops was a Sunshine State issued “OLRGTP”. A cop, once when he stopped me for a burnt out tail light on a late nite, thankfully sober, drive back to The Birthplace of Speed from SlOcala asked me what the reference was. Luckily I escaped that stop with a warning.


And know this my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan would do dang near anything to own of these 5 series longroofs. Definitely in the top five of anything I would prefer to have as a daily driver.


And another beautiful S2000


And another seen previously.


This Lotus sure was popular that day. “Just add lightness.”


Now this was the first 417 (the area code for around these here parts BTW) C&C I have attended so I wasn’t sure how it was determined who parked where but it was apparent that at least at this event, these beautiful Brits (mostly) were not granted a seat in Bob Ueker’s FRONT ROW.


No, these beauties were granted a seat right there along Sunshine Street here in the Queen City of the Ozarks beckoning passersby to stop in and have a look at the final 417 C&C of the season. There really isn’t a lot more this olelongrooffan can add so here they are, less the Bimmer Z.


And has been previously noted by many of my fellow Hooniverse contributors, some times the coolest stuff is seen in the lot of a particular show. And today was no exception as can be noted by this clown car just passing through. I would love to get one of these for my daughter, TheSmartOne, to hoon around on a daily basis. Doubtful that will happen anytime soon unless that Missouri issued pink slip comes through this Saturday nite.


And yet another longroof this olelongrooffan lusts after is this one offered by the VW group back in the day. It went by to rapidly for me to determine whether this was a Volks or an Audi so this olelongrooffan will leave that determination up to my fellow Hoons. But know, that wagon was pristine.


And on the other end of the spectrum was this beautiful Mercury Meteor offered for sale. It was interesting, lots of these older rides, as far as I could ascertain, were owned by folks younger than this olelongrooffan, something that I personally find joyous.


That means this car culture my fellow Hoons and I share is not dying out as has been reported nearly everywhere. I mean look at these images and see how many of our fellow Hoons are kids. Well, kids, at least to this mid 50’s aged olelongrooffan.


Ironically, other than an image of the British heavy front row, this is the only car my fellow Ozarkian and I found in common. This Vicky was gorgeous and I never knew


the speedo was back lit by the Sun.


And out back were a couple of rat rods that gathered up the attention of this olelongrooffan. Pretty sure this old chevy is a 49 to 52 Sedan DeLuxe.


while this GMC C10 parked next door shared that early fifties Chebby’s design ques.


All that way down to the grille design with brass nuckels to match. I must admit, there were a bunch of vehicles at this show with year matching license plates. Which this olelongrooffan found pretty cool. It makes me want to get that junkyard acquired 1959 Florida license plate out and attach it to the nose of my longerroof. Wait!


And help me out fellow Hoons, is this a JDM GTR located in the middle of the good ole USA?


And is there anything better than a stock Fiat 500, old school edition?


Apparently not to this young lady. She was absolutely gushing to the owner in her praise of it. From what this olelongrooffan could hear, again not eavesdropping, just listening in, her Pops owned one back in the day and she fondly remembers her days with it. Either that or she thought this  dude was a hottie.


And what Hoon doesn’t like an ELKY?

By The Way Marcal, we need a date with some Corvairs soon.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • CraigSu

    Regarding the license plate on the TT, maybe the owner is an Atlanta Falcons fan. They’re sometimes known as the Dirty Birds. Other than that, I got nothin’.

    • Monkey10is

      Perhaps it has the VAG turbo diesel engine?

    • mve

      I think it’s a reference to the eagle on the German emblem? Maybe?

  • nanoop

    Once the engine is out there is no reason to leave the hood open… 944 owner.

  • CraigSu

    I don’t recall the Audi Fox (80) ever being sold in Avant form in the States during the 70s so I’m going to go with it being a VW Passat wagon.

    • hubba

      Assuming it’s an original US car, it’s a Dasher.

      • CraigSu

        Yes, of course. Thanks for the correction! I knew Passat didn’t quite ring true for that era but Dasher wouldn’t come to mind.

  • wunno sev

    early Skyline GT-Rs are now legal for import. starting to pop up here.

    • mve

      Yep. I’ve seen this one at Coffee & Cars a few other times.

  • Batshitbox

    Triple Strombergs on the TR6. Nice.

    • Jeepster

      1961 Cadillac front bumper

  • Is it just me, or does the grille on that 5 series wagon look odd?

    • dead_elvis

      The lighting is funky, but it looks like there’s something missing along the center of the hood/grille gap.

      What year is this one? A friend had a 92 or 93 5 series longroof, same color & to my untrained eye, maybe same vintage as this. Fantastic to drive, but it turned into a death by a thousand cuts, most likely given the low mileage & seasonal use the thing had before he got it.

      • OK, I just wasted spent about 30 minutes looking at pics of E34s and they almost all had the same grille center section and many had the same headlights, both of which look off to me.

        A very small number had a wider center section like this one:


        • JayP

          The E34 was offered with 2 V8s- a 4L and a 3L.
          At least the big V8 had the big grille while the 3L got a smaller one and may have been the same for the I6.

          The hood would have been different for the power bulge to match the grille.

          Some digging…

  • ptschett

    I’m partial to the round-rear-wheelwell (“round arch”) Midget that appears in both photo sets. They only made them that way a few years in the early ’70’s, then went back to the “square arch” design to help pass tougher bumper tests.

  • That speedo was a feature on ’56 Fords. Dad’s ’56 T’bird has one.

  • mve

    Apparently I really missed all the action that day! I tried to hit the highlights, but you did a full run-down. Nicely done.

    You’re right, though; a lot of cars come early and leave early, while some show up in the afternoon and stick around a while. I’m glad you got to check it out, and glad you enjoyed it.