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Truck Thursday: Some Of The Saturday Trucks Seen At The Branson Auction

LongRoofian November 5, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To... 4 Comments


I logged into all things Hoon recently and realized I had not completed my coverage of the Branson Auction from a coupla weeks back so I thought I would get this update gathered up for my fellow Hoon’s Truck Thursday enjoyment.

This olelongrooffan has related that on more than one occasion I would spot a vehicle and in short order would see another similar type ride. Well, my fellow Hoons, that tradition continues on, this time in the version of Tow Mater.


The sightings of these things since I moved to the Ozarks continues to amaze this olelongrooffan even if this one is in the form of a golf cart. Feel free to click on through to see some of the other trucks spotted that Saturday.


One of the cooler trucks, if not the coolest, to this olelongrooffan was this 1937 General Motors Corporation wrecker. I had seen it on set up Thursday and headed directly for it once i arrived at that big assed garage. As my fellow Hoons can ascertain, it was in immaculate condition.


And this olelongrooffan doesn’t remember seeing one hydraulic component on this crane and chain.


This olelongrooffan will share with my fellow Hoons there is no way in the world this 98 pound weakling longrooffan could turn that crank no matter how well balanced it was. Real Men drove these things back in the day.


Sadly, bidding only reached $20,000 on this T 16 B and that was not enough money for it to find a good home. Wonder if the guy who bought Bus_Plunge’s shorty bus out Texas way needs an emergency tow vehicle?


Now this olelongrooffan can hear my fellow Hoons screaming, “What is a rusty F150 doing hanging at this show?” Well it turns out this truck was used in some movie show called Hanna Montana back in the day. (also, my fellow Hoons, remember that blue quad.)


I never had the pleasure of watching that show and am not really fond of the young lady who played the title either. And apparently, the owner is a bigger fan than I am as he decided to keep it as the bid of $12,500.00 didn’t meet with his satisfaction.

Interesting fact though, that patina was applied by some Disney artists and there is not a spec of rust on it. I suspect those folks just finished up something for SEMA this year.


This old woody street rod was put together quite nicely, if my fellow Hoons are into this type of thing. I can only imagine how many man hours are in the fabrication of that flamed out hood. I didn’t see this one cross the block so I am not sure if it sold or at what price. Yeah, that’s a Herbie Love Bug and a square Bird that could seen in the background of this one. That square bird did not meet its reserve after bidding reached $17,500.00.


The next truck I did see cross the block was this 51 Ford F1 Coyote. Yeah, some builder had taken the running components from a 2014 Coyote and dropped this body on it.


And it was fitted with a full tilt front end along with some other goodies.


Including a full on Coyote interior. Believe me my fellow Hoons, this thing was flawless. Bid up to $80,000 but did not sell. The auctioneer mentioned the reserve on it was $140,000.00. Yeah, serious money for an old truck.


Conversely, back in the day, brother thehorsefarmer had these two 51s (although that dump truck may be a 52)for a fraction of that price. And the story is thebarngoddess was furious with thehorsefarmer and Bus_Plunge when they drug that old dump truck home on a trailer. And that pickup? TheGentlemanFarmer traded 700 bales of hay for back in the early 70s and this olelongrooffan was told that I had done “a jam up job” filing that flathead block down by an old family friend who drove a 67 New Yorker as his DD.


And just so Bus_Plunge doesn’t feel left out, here is a spectacular Advanced Design 3600 for your viewing pleasure. This 1949 longbed was bid up to $30,000 but did not sell. The reserve was proportedly $39,000.00. Years ago Bus_Plunge sold one, with a windshield visor no less, for something like $3,750.00.

As this olelongrooffan was getting kinda bushed from walking around those two days, I decided to forego seeing that 1969 NSU cross the block and take my leave of the 2015 Branson Auction.


As this olelongrooffan was winging my longerroof back to the B’s Nest, this beast was spotted out in a remote lot where they were loading up some sold goods. No back story but it had Ontario badging front and rear.


Of course, I had to whip a Ueee to get a closer look at it. This olelongrooffan may just have to rethink my whole GMC Motorhome fantasy.


Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • Sjalabais

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but these extreme “motorhomes” are often commissioned in Germany or by Germans. At least here in Europe, I have never seen such monsters with other registries than German ones. The phantasy of autarc travel is probably stronger than the ability and occasion to actually use them for what they’re build for.

    • Alff

      The desire to dominate the globe does not pass easily.

  • I have a hard time keeping up with Squarebird values, but $17,500 for a 1960 Thunderbird coupe seems like good money, I’m a little surprised they turned it down. I guess if it was perfect or a low mileage very clean original it might be worth more. I’ve seen plenty of driver quality cars in the upper-mid 4 figures.

  • Douche_McGee

    The tail lights on the F1 Coyote look horrendous