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Can A Front-Wheel-Drive Car Be Any Fun?
The BTR Veloster Seems To Say Oh Yes

It’s called wrong-wheel-drive quite often, and I can see why. When you make the steering wheels and the drive wheels the same wheels, it can add up to confused driving dynamics. That’s a lot of physics action being sent to two bits of rubber and metal. That’s why rear wheel drive is more preferred around these parts.

Also, you know, big smokey burnouts and getting sideways.

Blood Type Racing from Illinois was tasked with transforming a front-wheel-drive machine. They did just that with a Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The hatchback is now officially of the hot variety thanks to its engine pushing out over 500 horsepower. Yet it still seems quite drivable despite that much-needed power upgrade. It also seems endlessly hoonable, and for that we have to applaud BTR.