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A SEMA Show Car With Some Actual Go: Video

Most often, if seems as if the cars you see at SEMA are way more designed for their ability to “show” then as opposed to having some real “go”. They’ve become static display pieces designed to get you lusting after the latest parts from the onslaught of aftermarket offerings.

The Hyundai Ark Performance Genesis Coupe is no such machine. It’s heavily modified, and it’s designed to get some actual use. That use involves making the car go sideways, and having it stay there. To prove this point, our friends at The Drivers Seat trekked out to the Hyundai Proving Grounds to watch Pro Drifter Odi Bakchis put it through the paces.

Odi doesn’t just drive though, he instills some knowledge along the way about how to get your car sideways and then keep it there.