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Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Ever Seen A Jeep Delivery?


If my fellow Hoons happened to read this olelongrooffan’s error filled Long Shots post last Tuesday, it may be remembered that it was the sighting of something seen by Bus_Plunge and myself that prompted me to head back over to see that highly desirable Land Cruiser. It was a Jeep Delivery and feel free to click on through to see more of it.


This olelongrooffan thought these were Willys Overlands, as signified by the license plate on this one. Google imaging “Jeep Delivery” prompted a few of these panel vans so maybe they are such an animal. Or, possibly like nearly everything else on this truckette, those badges on the bonnet could be custom made. I don’t know what this beast has as its power plant but sure possessed some meat at the rear end of it.


The last time I remember seeing one of these in this nice of condition was at a show in Bonita Springs, Florida a couple years ago with TheKenMan. That one was a four wheel drive windowed wagon in bone ass stock, but restored, condition. Just the way this olelongrooffan and Bus_Plunge desire. I am confident TheKenMan, being the street rod fanboy he is, would much prefer this one.


A bunch of years ago, this olelongrooffan found one of these in a Mom n Pop owned Pick and Pull in Deland, Florida. I grabbed a bunch of parts off of it and ebayed the crap out of them. Those were hugely popular auction, hell, this olelongrooffan even had guys emailing me with requests for specific parts. If I remember correctly, I made a couple grand off that rusty old hulk.


This olelongrooffan sincerely doubt I’ll be seeing this one in a Pick and Pull in this lifetime.

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