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Long Shots: 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser

LongRoofian October 20, 2015 All Things Hoon 8 Comments


So last week while Bus_Plunge was carrying this olelongrooffan’s sorry ass over to that Irish auto parts store to pick up a new battery for my longerroof, I mentioned I had seen a 74 Land Cruiser over by the dam the previous week. He mentioned it was either a rust bucket or $15K.


Well after getting that battery installed this olelongrooffan, enroute to the check in day at the Branson Auction, decided to pass by that old Land Cruiser and see which of Bus_Plunge’s observations was true.


Well my fellow Hoons, other than the stereo system not still in its original setting, this fire engine Freeborn red FJ40 was in immaculate condition.


This olelongrooffan gathered up the magnet kept for this reason from the center console of my longerroof and checked every body panel and surface I could. It was all steel and I couldn’t detect a trace of filler anywhere.


Best of all, Bus_Plunge was spot on. This example of a vehicle produced nearly unchanged from 1960 to 1984 was priced exactly at $15,000.00.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • Jeepster

    Factory Items Missing: windshield tension knobs /bolts, radio antenna ( holes missing), wiper motor cover and gasket, bumperettes, spare tire carrier ( and the holes ), rear reflectors
    Incorrect Items: front seats, cb mount, front bumper, dual fuel filler ? was the tank under the passenger seat, or using just the rear.
    “detect a trace of filler anywhere ”
    look a little harder next time, if there is time – there are too many factory holes covered up. Just thought I would let you know. Still a nice truck , with pretty paint and these continue to bring silly money in the right location.

    • longrooffan

      I am FIRED. Still, it looked like a nice example to this olelonrooffan’s , now apparently untrained, eye.

      • jeepjeff

        I thought it looked like a good example too. Then again, I’m holding it to Jeep-guy standards rather than Corvette-guy standards… So, who knows?

      • CraigSu

        Don’t feel bad. As a vintage Volvo owner I completely missed the Volvo 700 series front seats until Jeepster mentioned it.

      • Jeepster

        Naah – little details, FJ40 folks are sticklers sometimes. Plus Jeepster may have an unfair advantage for knowing such mundane things …… My 1977 FJ40 ( neener neener)

    • HoondavanDude

      If they’re not a rust bucket or $15k they’re $30k these days.

      I like that he kept the stock hubcaps, but this restoration definitely skipped the details. Likely good enough for most people, but I’d want to see pictures of the metal work. It also looks like it’s missing the rear jump seats.

      My 74 was a total rust bucket and I wish I could have kept it because finding another one is only going to get tougher. I’m still surprised how many people forgo the spare tire carrier. I see tons of lifted wranglers with no spare.

  • bus plunge

    Beauregard had one of these…. it was a bondo beauty. I actually have three of these …HAH! I almost said “Land Rover” I have three of these “Land Cruisers” and am looking at a fourth one… it’s over priced too. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-LAND-CRUISER-1982-UNPUNCHED-CARD-MADE-IN-JAPAN-TOMY-TOMICA-POCKET-CARS-/151855495843?hash=item235b4afaa3:g:CTsAAOSwstxVJM7P

    • longrooffan

      Barn Doors For The Win!