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Weekend Edition: Friday Finds: The Old Stuff At The Branson Auto Auction

LongRoofian October 18, 2015 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 10 Comments


So as this olelongrooffan has mentioned, the Branson Auction of collector cars was this past couple days and I was fortunate enough to have a spare fifteen bucks and the time to attend it. It was pretty cool, well run and it is in its 37th year. I arbitrarily chose 1970 at the cutoff point for the model years and this post is about the pre-70 cars let loose that Friday. Remember all prices quoted are gavel prices with no fees included.


1953 Mercury Monterey gaveled down at a sales price of $16,800.00. This, my fellow Hoons is what a “Merc” looks like.


This 1966 Mustang sold for $8,000.00. Somewhat later, I got to chatting it up with the seller and expressed my thoughts that it was pretty cheap. He disagreed mentioning it has a 6 cylinder with an automatic and a vinyl top. “Not all that desirable in a Mustang, I am happy and the buyer is as well and that is what counts.” Gotta love his attitude.


This is the 62 Corvair wagon I had spotted being unloaded the other day. It turns out to have been prepared for the Ridler Award, whatever that is. It also has been signed by everyone who is anyone in the drag racing industry, that is if the auctioneer can be believed.


I have never heard of the Ridler Award but I guess to some it is a pretty big deal, just not to this olelongrooffan.


This 1949 Plymouth Deluxe gaveled down at $2,800.00.

IMG_4561 (2)

This is the 1956 hardtop sedan Fairlane Victoria I spotted earlier while it was being unloaded. My apologies again salguod.


This was one of 32,000 or so built in 1956. For reference, there were over 645,000 post sedan built that year. Sold for $14,350.00.


This 1931 Model A street rod crossed over for $27,000.00. If it were all original, I bet it would have brought less than a third of that price.

IMG_4571 (2)

This ’57 Oldsmobile 88 brought $14,250.00. Love those split rear windows.

IMG_4576 (2)

A 302 mated to a 4 speed transmission were in this 1964 Ford Fairlane painted in resale red. It sound pretty sweet and sold for $13,300.00.


This is a 1970 Cord. The last time this olelongrooffan had seen one was at a flea market down in the Sunshine State I had attended with thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess. At that time, I chatted it up with its owner and it turns out these were manufactured for awhile out in Oklahoma.


This one was MOPAR powered with an automatic, power windows, A/C and four wheel disc brakes. It gaveled down at $15,750.00.

This olelongrooffan is calling that well sold.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • No further apology needed, one was already issued and accepted. But I appreciate it.

    BTW – Is that some kind of custom woodie early 90s Accord wagon in front of the ’57 Olds? Yikes.

    Also, in the last shot, do I see the fender top of a Squarebird?

    • longrooffan

      Yes, custom woody wagon in an upcoming post later today. And no, that is a 59 Ford Custom 300 partially seen on the front of this trailer.

      • I recognized the mirrors, same as on my Squarebird. I thought the fender tops looked Squarebird-ish too, but couldn’t be certain.

      • Someone tried to dress up that Custom 300 a bit, too. The stainless trim around the rear wheel arch is from a Fairlane 500 or a Galaxie.

  • CraigSu

    The Ridler Award is basically a Best In Show award for the Detroit Autorama custom car show. It’s limited to cars being shown for the first time so the entries are typically prepared specifically with Autorama and contention for the Ridler in mind. The Corvair wasn’t the winner, it was just one of those considered.

  • dead_elvis

    $2800 for the ’49 Plymouth?! That seems like a steal, strictly judging from that one photo.

    • dukeisduke

      That is a steal. When I was a teenager, the next-door neighbors (they ran a gas station) had a ’49 Plymouth four-door for a little while. I got to ride in it a couple of times, and I loved it.

  • dukeisduke

    And the big poster may say ’62 Corvair, but the front end says it’s a ’61. A ’62 front end looks like this:


    • Vairship

      Also, it has the Lakewood script just ahead of the D-pillar, whereas the ’62 were just known as wagons instead of Lakewoods.