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Volga Weekend Edition: The 1992-1996 GAZ-3105

Antti Kautonen October 18, 2015 Weekend Edition 9 Comments


Now that the production cars are out of the way, we can get into wacky, wacky prototypes and small series cars. GAZ didn’t necessarily plan to just keep building the same car over and over again, as there were ideas and developments to do more with design and amenities. And as the Chaika was buried in history, there was a real need for a modern Russian luxury car in the mid-1990s.

Here’s what the short-lived 3105 series looked like. It’s not too far removed from what the Western carmakers were doing, even if the dimensions aren’t quite there.


There is a certain Opel-Ford presence about the 3105. The beltline is high, and of course the ride height is way up, but you can make sense of it as it’s all wheel drive.

gaz_3105_volga_1 (1)


The interior matches the low production volume: only 55 cars were built for VIP usage.


Up front, Volga’s V8 of their own design. 3.4 litres, 170 horsepower. There was also a 2.3-litre, rear wheel drive variant, and that one produced 150 horses. Very Ford Scorpio.


And if that beltline feels too high…


Let’s say they were working on it.

gaz_3105_volga_opytnyj_1 (1)


The cabin is a lot more airy-looking and that leather is seriously plush.

  • OK, those windows require more explaining. I had assumed that none go down, but there are 4 window switches on the door. Huh?

    • julkinen

      Most likely only the lower portions went down.

      • KAC

        That seems to be the case. From avto-cccp.ru/gaz-3105-volga/2/ via Google Translate:

        ”All of the above applies to the production samples GAZ-3105 (according to some reports made about 60 copies).

        However, it should be noted that the GAZ-3105 had a considerable amount of pre-production options. The first machines were with side panes below the waist line (the fall was only the lower part of the window – it was assumed that by that time there will be high-speed toll highway – and these windows predpolpgplos transfer cashier payment – photo1, photo2), then the machines were already with normal glazing, but different from each other due to their design – for example, was an option with plastic grid.

        The museum gas is stored one of the first copies of the GAZ-3105 with low window line.”

  • Fuhrman16

    Does anyone else see a Saab 9000 and Renault R18i hybrid in the front?

  • Tomsk

    Kinda gives off a strong late-’80s/early-’90s Chrysler product vibe to me.

  • Sjalabais

    Imagine the true R&D and production cost per vehicle…wow. And since this is technically post-Soviet, these cars were not anymore allotted but actually sold, I guess? So one has to wonder: At what price?

  • These are new to me. Mind Blown.

    That penultimate image puts me strongly in mind of The Hunger Games for some reason.

  • David Bowman

    Audi V8.