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Weekend Edition: Friday Finds: The Trucks At The Branson Classics Auction

LongRoofian October 17, 2015 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 4 Comments

IMG_4610 (2)

So, as this olelongrooffan mentioned on Friday, this weekend is the Branson Auction of fine motor cars and trucks. As it is relatively cheap to gain entry to this event, 3 fins for two days of nonstop action, it was decided that this would be a worthy expenditure for this miserly olelongrooffan so off I went. Of course, one of the first sights of the outside lot contained this gorgeous and highly desirable beauty. Naturally, this olelongrooffan ambled over to it and checked out the interior of this near forty year old campercar. It was Bone Ass Stock all the way down to the sign posted over the gas range in the kitchen, “Cooking Appliances are Not To Be Used For Comfort Heat.” Pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.

Anyways, when the cars arrived off their transporters, or the highway as was often the case, the Friday cars were parked outside and the Saturday Cars were parked inside. With these Weekend Edition offerings this Saturday, this olelongrooffan hopes to have a trio of posts about the Friday Finds. What I did basically was stroll through the lot checking out some stuff this olelongrooffan thought might be Hoonworthy then I would go in and watch some of them cross the block. Then when I needed another smoke and a coke, I would head back out and check out some more. Where I could, this olelongroofan has included the gavel price and sometimes a comment or two. Note, the price was the gavel price, no buyer’s or seller’s fees are included. Who do my fellow Hoons think this olelongrooffan is? Daniel Strohl over at Hemmings?

Without further ado….Hope my fellow Hoons enjoy.

IMG_4570 (2)

This is a 1947 Studebaker MF 1/2 ton pickemup truck. This one looked really sweet while this olelongrooffan was sitting in an unoccupied bidder’s seat near the front. The rarity factor alone allowed the thought this would bring in some real serious buckaroos.


The bidding started off quickly but then stalled around $7K. The experienced auction team took a break and chatted it up about the weather, the event and, then, once again about this pickemup truck. I personally thought the lack of patina, really just the paint fail as, shown in the previous image, was the culprit for it’s failure to garner a few more bucks.


Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was proven to be totally mistaken in the interest of a bunch of folks in a 1947 Champion 169 cubic inch possessing 6 cylinder, 3 speed driven Orphan Pick Up Truck. This one recovered nicely to bring a gavel price of $11,000. And a Happy New Owner.

IMG_4574 (2)

There were a couple of this era, what this olelongrooffan refers to as, open fender trucks. This one was a 1925 Model TT. The interesting thing about these old trucks is that the horsepower generated by their mills was generally the same as a passenger car of the same series, just the rear end was changed up a bit to assist in its movement. Ah, I guess somethings never change.


This ’25 1 ton TT was gavel dropped at an even $8,000 while a ’28 Ford Model AA dump bed grain truck passed through at a similarly priced $8,500.00.


And of course, what event would not include an Elkie, or several, for our Hooniverse enjoyment pleasure? This olelongrooffan struck a conversation with the owner of this one about his experiences with it. He mentioned he has had this one for several years and was looking to downsize his collection of 11 rides and would like to gather a sales price of $11k for it.

IMG_4587 (2)

Well, as it passed across the block, the best this Elkie could garner was a mere $7,000.00. But the seller, in the spirit of all things in the auction process, decided to let it go for that so he could gather up another ride to tote on back to Fort Smith, Arkansas.


And that beautiful yellow uncut 66 Bronco this olelongrooffan spotted arriving on that trailer on Thursday? It brought an unusually low gavel price of $19,000.00. Maybe it was those late model hub caps. Otherwise, everything else was perfect.

IMG_4589 (2)

After chatting it up with the owner of that ’70 Elkie, this olelongrooffan spotted this quasi rough 72 SS Elkie. Alas no one was around to get any idear of what the projected sales price or history of this one was.


But the last truck this olelongrooffan spotted was the underhood image of the Blue Oval 351. While certainly not pristine, it was certainly honest in it’s presentation.


And what was that 351 powering? A beautiful 1969 Ford Ranchero GT which passed over the block at as mere $8,750.00.

This olelongrooffan is only going to offer that some of the most valuable deals on trucks might just be found on these treasures here in the Ozarks.

After all, Ma and Pa Kettle can’t be all that wrong.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan