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Check In Day At The Branson Collector Car Auction

LongRoofian October 16, 2015 For Sale, Hooniverse Goes To... 10 Comments


So this Friday and Saturday is the Branson Collector Car Auction here in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Why Friday and Saturday? Well my fellow Hoons, automotive sales are not allowed on Sundays here in the ShowMe State. Yes, Sunday Blue Laws are still in effect here in the Midwest. Anyways, this olelongrooffan ventured down to that Purple Heart City to check out the goings on and see what was up with this auction. As I have attended a few of these type events over the years, this olelongrooffan was interested to see what would be offered by this team at the Branson Convention Center which is affiliated with a major upscale hotel chain here in this burg on the shores of Lake TaneyCoMo. Click on through to see some of my activities on that unseasonably warm Thursday in mid October in the Ozarks.


But before this olelongrooffan can get on down to share those pre-auction images I gathered on Thursday, I need to clarify a comment left on Wednesday night’s Last Call. In that comment I mentioned it was necessary to install the third battery in three years in my longerroof. Actually, my experience while living for nearly thirty years in the southern part of the Sunshine State was that no matter what was spent on an automotive battery, two years was about the life span of one. When the longerroof was purchased in 2012, I noted the battery was right at that age so, upon purchase, I had a new one installed. 70 bucks from WallyWorld. In March of 2014, that battery bit the dust while enroute back to FantasyLand and I bought another, this time from Autozone or that ilk. On Wednesday, this olelongrooffan was getting ready to head out to do something or another and that battery was dead as a doornail. So I guess it was really two cheap ones in three years. As this olelongrooffan now lives in the middle of extremely rural Taney County Missouri, a distress call was placed to Bus_Plunge to see if he was available to provide an assist in this matter. Well Hoons, it turns out he had traveled 90 miles each way (in another direction) to pick up a grass catcher for his new to him John Deere lawn tractor and, while willing, he wouldn’t be available to provide that much needed assistance until Thursday morning. And that he did. Not only that but he insisted on picking up the tab for that higher cranking battery much needed by this olelongrooffan. And he insisted on the best one that NASCAR sponsoring, and locally founded, parts store had to offer. Thanks Big Brother for all you do for this olelongrooffan.


So once that transaction had occurred, he headed north to the Queen City of the Ozarks to continue cleaning out his miniature red barn and load the dump worthy contents of it into the ass end of his 1954 Advance Design dump truck while this olelongrooffan headed south across the dam that forms the lake that is Table Rock to further check out a certain 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser spotted last week. More on that in a bit. But know this my fellow Hoons, it was exactly the price Bus_Plunge had suggested it would be.

Once I was in the vicinity of the auction grounds, I kept an eye out for anything cool and worthy of sharing with my fellow Hoons. Ironically one of the first things spotted was this cool Advance Design Bowtie out on the street across from the auction grounds. This is one of Bus_Plunge’s favorite body styles, although as he pointed out about a highly modified Willys Panel Wagon, which my fellow Hoons will soon see, that we had seen during our ride to hook up with that 12 volt device, “I really prefer my stuff to be stock.” Maybe that is where this olelongrooffan gets it.


So once I got nearer, I was lucky enough to see where some of the car hauling vehicles were parked. I checked out some of the trailers and remembered selling a few such as these what seems like a lifetime ago. I really should kick up the trailer tutorial series from back in those days. And, oh yeah, sorry about the filthy windscreen as shown in this image. And also seen in this image are the rail lines where they have a “scenic” passenger railroad car tourist attraction, just beyond is Branson Landing Boulevard and unseen but beyond that is Lake TaneyCoMo just at the base of that mountain of trees.


So anyways, some of the stuff seen rambling around included this stunning uncut Bronco finished in what may be Springtime Yellow, albeit with what might be later model dog dish wannabe hubcaps. Unfortunate.


Also spotted was this cool old wrecker which Bus_Plunge later thought might be a late 30’s Dodge. A search of the auction’s website by this olelongrooffan actually determined it was a 1937 GMC. But given the distance taken of it and the fact it was seen on the back side of my fancy dancy new image taker by Bus_Plunge without his glasses on, that possible error can be forgiven. A further determination will be made on the morrow by this olelongrooffan.


Now this was a rare sighting by this olelongrooffan. A 55 or 56 Crown Vic hardtop fordor sedan. I have seen a bunch of the post four door sedan of this edition but don’t remember seeing a hardtop edition. It will be interesting to see how this one does. BTW, the partner of this dude was a pretty dang nice MILF if I do say so myself. Pity about the toy dog she had at the end of that leash.

That trailer? It is a Big Tex 70DM with optional chrome wheels.


Now those previously seen vehicles were being unloaded in a tight, somewhat constraining parking lot as designated by the organizers of this event. Apparently, the guys transporting these vehicles had been here before because less than a block away was a huge, level parking lot of which these transporters took full advantage. As I had stopped at the local chicken sammich place that is not open on Sunday, this olelongrooffan decided to enjoy one of those original chicken sammiches and a cool lemonade while watching as these beauties were unloaded.


After the Vette as seen above was unloaded,


this 62 Sedan DeVille and a 62 Corvair wagon were seen. Note sure why the 1953 Autorama was stenciled onto the side of this 62 longroof but I am hoping to solve that mystery this weekend. But this olelongrooffan was wondering if the Acura Lamborghini replica was next? Yeah, there is one here but my fellow Hoons will have to wait for the real life sighting of that one.


After spotting those sights, this olelongrooffan remembered that I was in real need of getting my ears lowered and decided to head over to that city where Bus_Plunge had so much taken care of me earlier this day. I met up with a old school barber who is in his early middle years and loves to build up absolutely bad assed 1:25 scale model cars and has over 3,000 Hot Wheels in his possession. Plus he has an absolutely kick butt bike. Tanshanomi…. I dropped him my quasi Hooniverse card connecting him here while I was in his shop. Yeah, ForsythBarberDude, this olelongrooffan is talking about you. Damn nice haircut, ByTheWay.


One last thing I have to share this later Thursday evening as this olelongrooffan is getting ready to call it a night.

My fellow Hoons may remember that I seem to see recurring vehicles during my exploits out and about to see things which I feel are interesting to me and think my fellow Hoons may as well.

See in the above image way in the background over that blue Model A? truck?

That GMC Motorhome?

That, my fellow Hoons, is the check in headquarters for the auction this weekend in Branson, Missouri.

This olelongrooffan just can’t make up this kind of shit.

But I do think this might be a bit of a good time.

Stay Hooned.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • dukeisduke

    I see a Chevy SSR in the first picture. The green Corvette convertible is a ’67, with a Mark IV V8 and “off-road exhaust” (Chevy’s term for the side pipes). The Crown Vic is a ’56 – one of neighbors around here has a ’56 Crown Vic (a restoration project) for sale, that hasn’t found any takers.

    I’ll bet Branson is beautiful now, with the leaves starting to turn.

  • dukeisduke

    And yeah, those hubcaps on the Bronco belong on an early to mid ’90s F-150 or Bronco.

  • bus plunge

    LRF showed me that pic of that Chev tow truck on the screen of his camera. I thought it was a dodge. It wasn’t.

  • A little disappointed so see MILF used here on Hooniverse.

    • longrooffan

      You’ll not see that term used again by this olelongrooffan here. My apologies.

      • Thanks, I appreciate that.

  • stigshift

    That ’62 Cadillac is a Fleetwood, not a DeVille.

    • longrooffan

      I don’t remember looking at the badging on it although I must have walked by it a dozen times the last couple days. Not to disagree but the auction print brochure IDs it as a DeVille, but in all fairness, I did notice a couple of other errors in it as well. Lot 571 is not shown on their website.

    • dukeisduke

      I see it now. I thought it didn’t look like a de Ville. The Fleetwood has the hash marks on the C-pillar, the different roof, and the Fleetwood emblem on the front fender. The ’62 is one of my favorite Cadillacs; I like it even more than the ’59.