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Outsider’s Perspective: 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (Part 1)

Gerardo Solis September 25, 2015 All Things Hoon, Car Shows 2 Comments


I know I should probably say a few words about VW and their most recent and extremely large…boo-boo. But I know you’re probably saturated with that already. You’ve heard the news, done the jokes and seen the stock plummet. So instead of wasting those precious moments of fake freedom on your lunch break saturating with yet more of it won’t you join me in drooling over the metal in the Frankfurt Auto show?

And of course there are few places to begin drooling over than the convertible version of the Ferrari 488 GTB, the successor of the very car Magnum P.I drove. I’m not sure his laid back personality would mix very well with the 488 though. And if Deadmau5’s Purrari is anything to go by if you tried to have any fun with it someone in a suit will come around your place to sternly tell you that you’re tarnishing Ferrari’s good image and taste and should stop it at one. That doesn’t mean they’ll ban you from buying anything from the Ferrari lifestyle catalog though, those polo’s are not going to be buying themselves.
And at this point the Ferrari goes back to the dealership and gets replaced with this, the Huracan Spyder. They’re a member of the VAG group so you know they couldn’t give any less of a toss if you decide to paint it tie-dye and fit it with lights that project a rude image over the pavement. Besides, to someone who can’t afford either, it looks and sounds far better than the Ferrari. You lose the delicious turbo whine but you get two additional singers to make up for it.


If you want fun, and (presumably) for a fraction of the price, Citroen was showing their Cactus M Concept. The Cactus is already on my list of favorite cars because of its cheap and cheerful-ness. Adding a touch of Mehari to it is a genius move. It would be even more of a genius move if they put it into production and it starts seeing action in beaches all over the world.


If you’d prefer to have your fun on the track Honda’s got you covered with their amazing 2&4 concept. A couple of articles ago I said I wanted the U.S bound Honda S660 to have the 1.0-liter engine they were fitting into their RC213V-S superbike. Sadly, we now know that the cute droptop won’t even be making the jump across the pond. Instead, the 212 horsepower screamer has found its way into this 890 lb. Neo-1960’s F1 Concept. I’m not complaining, there’s no word on whether Honda will actually build them. I’m sure there’s a small market for them provided they don’t price it like they priced the RC213V-S.
The 2&4 looks like it stepped out of a video game, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo actually did. Originally a concept for (What else?) Gran Turismo. As to be expected for something out of the Playstation, it’s completely wild and impractical and wouldn’t work for a fraction of a second in the real world. But some of the ideas and concepts here could be seen in the Veyron replacement due…sometime. It’s on the back burner right now.

So far so good right? Well, join me in Part 2 where we’ll take a look at more cars, some good some…well there has to be some losers hasn’t it?

  • Rover 1

    Maybe Citroen is getting it’s Mojo back?

    Nope, just looked at a DS4. Still cynical.

  • nanoop

    Light blue this year, I see. While I like the color on cars, I think it’s silly to follow a fashion trend for something that lasts 10+ years. Obviously, I’m not leasing.
    The surfboards on the Cactus look like an integral part of the structure (in the sense of looks, I guess the tub is stiff enough) – I wouldn’t be surprised if you could order them along, if you could order the car.