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Monterey Car Week Photo Dump: Auction Action

Bradley Brownell August 23, 2015 Pebble Beach No Comments


There were a good couple of handfuls of auctions going on in Monterey. You had the RM/Sotheby’s, Gooding & Co., Bonhams, Russo & Steele, Mecum, and some smaller ones dotted around the landscape. We walked around the Russo & Steele lot, ambled through a handful of the RM cars on the plaza, and attended the Gooding & Co. auction. It was interesting to see giant fistfulls of dollars being waved around for certain cars, and there wasn’t a single car in the lot that I could afford to bid on. It really makes you feel broke. You know, assuming you actually are broke.


Apparently in the Russo & Steele lot, there were only two cars that caught my fancy enough to take pictures of them. The first was that Viper Green Porsche in the lead image, and the second was this gorgeous Allard. This is one of my favorite sports cars of that era, because it was brutally fast and way overpowered. Neat car.


The RM auction always displays a few of their more prominent lots (but not too prominent) out on the plaza next to the Portola hotel that houses the auction itself. This Alfa Montreal caught my eye. I love these cars, and if I had a spare 90 grand laying around, I’d drop one of these in my permanent collection.


This Kenmeri GT-R went for more money than I’ve ever had in my entire life (well, maybe not, but it was a lot). I love this shape, and of all the GT-R generations, this is the one I’d most like to have. My podcast co-host Jason will disagree and say that the Hakosuka is better, but I guess he’s entitled to his own opinion, no matter how wrong it is.


930s were the talk of the town last week, what with Mecum selling the McQueen car for 2 million dollars and all. This one didn’t go for nearly that, but it seemed like a nice example of the car.


Gooding had twenty something cars sell in the million plus range, and it was mindblowing to see that kind of cash spent on a car. I’ve personally never spent more than 7500 dollars on a car. F40s are great, but would I ever spend 7 figures on one? Not a chance.


Okay, a Scuderia Filipinetti Dino racer is pretty bad ass, and this might be an exception to the car being worth the money. When it comes to race cars, there’s really only one of them with that specific history. I might give my left whatnot for the chance just to race this car for a single 20 minute session.


This Citroen SM sold for 90 grand. Supposedly it was absolutely inch-perfect, but damn that’s a lot of money for a cheese-eater car.


Being that I was, yet again, in attendance for the benefit of FlatSixes.com, I was mostly there to see the Porsches sell, including this car (of which more in-depth coverage can be found on said Porsche site). This is the 1983 Le Mans winning 956. It also podiumed at Le Mans in 1982. Was it worth 10 million? Well, some people thought it was. This was a new record sale for a 956.


This 993 won its class at Pikes Peak in the mid-1990s with Jeff Zwart at the wheel. It was stupid cool to see, and it sold for pretty good money considering the current value of 993 Turbos.


Gooding had 3 Carrera 2.7 RS lots, two of them were lightweights. In addition, they also had two Carrera RSRs. It was mind-blowing to see that many all in the same spot.





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