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Craigslist: 1983 Polski Fiat 126p in Virginia

Kamil Kaluski August 19, 2015 For Sale 8 Comments


It is commonly known as Maluch in Poland, a Munchkin, and has been written about ad nauseam in recent years. For some reason Poland is experiencing feeling of nostalgia for those old days, perhaps people have more time on their hands now that they don’t have to stand in long lines for toilet paper, and every object from that time seems to be much coveted. On the top of the list, of course, are cars. People are asking ridiculous amounts of money rust buckets or horribly restored rust buckets. There seem an endless supply of low mileage factory models, rare prototypes, and barn finds of all kind – the pearls of PRL they call them.

Here is one of these pearls that was imported to the United States, and shocking, it seems to be pretty great!



From the ad:

1983 Fiat 126p Polish Import – $8000 (Alexandria)

Awesome little car made in Poland and imported here less than a year ago. The gentleman who had the vehicle imported ensured all systems were gone through and taken care of prior to brining over here. Vehicle is exempt from emissions due to its age, and eligible to be registered as an antique. It has been registered in the state of Virginia through June 2017.

This vehicle is my daily driver, and a ton of fun, but I need something a little more practical. Email for more details or with any questions.


Daily driver!? In U.S.!? That is insane! It’s got a 2-cylinder 650cc engine that puts out a neck-snapping 23-horsepower. He needs something more practical? Like what, a moped?

Here we have what seems to be very original Maluch which has been imported to Virginia. The black license plates indicate that the car was registered before the new Euro-specific white plates came around in the year 2000, and that it came from southern Poland. To my highly unprofessional eyes, this Maluch has the proper everything for 1983: bumpers, wheels, mirrors, and badges. Too bad there are no interior pictures.


The seller is asking $8000, which is a lot. And at the same time, it is not a lot. A perfect version of this car can be had in Poland for significantly less, but import costs, fees, and registration headaches might make it worthwhile. There was a similar car, not as original, in New York City sometime ago with an asking price of $14,000.

Source: Washington D.C. Craigslist – Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

  • dukeisduke

    What about parts availability in the US? Nonexistent?

    • smalleyxb122

      Well, you’re not going to get parts at the local Autozone, but these days with the internet, if the parts are available anywhere, they are available everywhere (as long as the seller is willing to ship)

  • Sjalabais

    Did the other car for 14k sell for something in this price range? You could probably stack them on the short side in a container, and earn something along the way…

    This particular car was featured on BaT Saturday. It is part of a stream of Eastern Bloc cars over there the last week or two, which is good. Keeps me coming back.

  • “A perfect version of this car can be had in Poland”. I doubt that a perfect version of this car ever existed even as it rolled off the assembly line. Thats a lot of money for a Fiat copy.

  • mve

    “prior to brining over here”
    Is THAT why they’re so small? That explains everything.

    • Vairship

      It explains the early onset of rust too…

  • Tomasz Szpak

    I was born in Poland in 1978 and I rode in my grandma and uncles 126p until 1988, then I flew to the US and my dad picked me up in a Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 I was in shock lol

  • Gator McClusky

    about $100 in real value, about 13,900 in sentimental value

    very ridiculous
    Even Jay Leno wouldn’t buy this crap