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Long Shots: A One-Time USMC Jeep Replacement?

LongRoofian August 3, 2015 All Things Hoon 6 Comments


So my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan almost cannot believe how much my life has changed up, for the better, over the past few months. And I can’t believe it was ten weeks ago that thehorsefarmer, thebarngoddess and this olelongrooffan headed out to check out a, then local, flea market down there in the Sunshine State. While thebarngoddess was out checking out a sweet golf themed piece of art work for their home in the golf course community they live in, we boys were checking out everything that could be seen with wheels attached. And when we stumbled upon this jeep type thingamajig, even thehorsefarmer was stumped as to what it was.


We both knew it wasn’t a mutt or an old CJ the jeepjunkie covets so much.

As an aside, thejeepjunkie’s daughter, thesoftballdiva (hell she has a full boat to Drexel due to her softball talents, I think that name fits her to a “T”. I can’t refer to her as theKid’s sister for the rest of her life) anyway, over the weekend some woman in an old (90’s era) Pontiac ran a red light and t boned TJ Jeep, the second such accident in separate TJs she has had in recent memory. Both times, she walked away without a scratch. Her mom thinks she doesn’t need another Jeep and needs to get something safer. thejeepjunkie contends that the mere fact she walked away from two accidents in which both her TJs were totaled suggests the TJ is plenty safe enough for theKid’s sister. Sound off in the comments my fellow Hoons.


So this olelongrooffan gathered up a few images of it to share with my fellow Hoons and to ask the question of just what it is?


It certainly has “military utility” written all over it and to this olelongrooffan, from this angle has the lines of our highly esteemed G-Wagon Mercedes.


I was able to capture an image of the data plate stating it is an American Motors product number M22A1


and on this data plate a reference to the USMC is spotted.

What can my fellow Hoons share with us about these rare (at least I think so) buggies?

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • Robert Davis
    • dukeisduke

      The M422A1 (the one shown here) has the longer 71″ wheelbase. The regular M422 is 65″.

  • ptschett

    I agree that the prior history for “thesoftballdiva” proves that TJ Jeeps are safe enough.
    I was entirely ready to guess M151 MUTT based on the 2nd photo and the deep-offset wheels till I scrolled down to the dataplate photo.

  • Rover 1
    • dukeisduke

      That one is a MUTT, judging from the wheels, the hood, the grille, and the independent suspension.

  • Myron Vernis

    Yes, the Mighty Mite designed by Ben Gregory. Here’s a pic of the one and only Gregory Sports Roadster; front wheel drive with a Porsche 356 engine mounted in front of the front axle. It was built in 1952 and is all aluminum. He was a very interesting guy.