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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: Wagon Wednesday

LongRoofian July 22, 2015 Road Trip, Wagon Wednesday 7 Comments


So there this olelongrooffan was continuing on with my Unexpected Road Trip Adventure and I was up there in Greenfield, Missouri getting some go juice, and ice, at the local Casey’s General Store. Now this is not an old school general store as seen down on Old Route 66 but one of a chain of modern stop and rob’s seen ’round these here parts. Just across Highway 39 was this old BBQ stand which I am confident started life as an old school gas station back when Greenfield was merely a wide spot in the road. Now I can hear my fellow Hoons questioning the judgment of this olelongrooffan as to why I would suffer the potential wrath of the Hooniverse Overlords by including an image of this old building as the lede image in a Wagon Wednesday post here in the Hooniverse?


Well, out in the fieldette behind that old gas station was this seemingly abandoned 1957 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. Now I know that back in the day, the General classified these Bowties as trucks so calling them a wagon is a stretch, technically. But hey, it is a longroof and by any other name, a longroof is a wagon in my book. I remember seeing a Fire Engine Red square bodied Suburban a long whiles back and it made it into the Wagon Wednesday fraternity so I’m calling this one acceptable to include as well.


Now my fellow Hoons may recollect that this olelongrooffan spotted a similar one of these creatures, albeit with a whole lot more rust and a double roof, while I was hanging in the pits down there in the Sunshine State a whiles back. Shit, was that just six weeks ago? Man! Times flies when you are having fun.


Like the longroof in that jump, this one seemed to be missing many bits and pieces but it did have the cool jets in the hood as well as the chrome grille and the Chevrolet script on its nose. The front bumper with its signature dagmars has, unfortunately, flown the coop.


And the “A” pillars are definitely in much better condition. Heck, this one might even be considered by some as nearly rust free. Judging by the location of the screw holes in that door frame, this longroof appeared to possess truck style exterior mirrors at one time.


Yeah, rust free until the inside is checked out and the Fred Flintstone inspired holes in the floor boards are spotted. Still cool nonetheless with that three on the tree shifting mechanism still intact. And the trio of cupholders in that dangling glove box door are an unexpected bonus.


And a check in the cargo area reveals a tatered headliner, a bunch of rally wheels, a section of exhaust pipe, see that dome light in the center of that image and just to the left is that the wheel cover for a 56 Chevy as well?


Well, my fellow Hoons, maybe this Bowtie isn’t exactly rust free but this olelongrooffan can guarandamntee you that those are not decals of bullet holes in the side panel of this old sedan delivery located in the rural Ozark mountain region of southwest Missouri.


And is the rear door of one of these one of the first hatchback wagon doors to be seen?

So that’s it my fellow Hoons. Gotta get back on these highways and byways for my next Unexpected Road Trip Adventure to experience something I hope is Hooniworthy enough to share with my fellow Hoons.

Until then.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • mve

    Those hood rockets are a nice find. There’s a lot of money in parts on that longroof!

  • SlowJoeCrow

    I feel this urge to play the Neil Young song, although only the title is really relevant.

    • dukeisduke

      It sure was hard to find.

  • bus plunge

    No ‘ghost letters’ on the side? Black and yellow…. maybe a NAPA parts runner? I don’t know, but I think I know his sister.

    • mve

      Gives new meaning to 3 on the tree.

    • Sean McMillan

      Ran when parked?

      • Vairship

        It might need a new battery. I tried starting it, but it woodened.