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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: And On To The Lake

LongRoofian July 17, 2015 Road Trip 12 Comments


So this olelongrooffan is still on my Unexpected Road Trip Adventure and after leaving all those narrow bridges in my wake, I was hot footing it up to spend some time with some old friends at their weekend home on the shores of Stockton Lake. Lo and behold was this olelongrooffan surprised to see these airplane carcasses resting comfortably alongside some metal building out in the middle of nowhere. So surprised that I had to whip a Ueee to share them with my fellow Hoons. Feel free to make the jump to see what other sites were seen that day by this olelongrooffan.


I noticed on my way there were several signs such as this one installed in the front yards of many farm houses there in the rural part of the ShoMe State. They were depicting these homesteads as having been in existence for over 100 years. Yeah, this is the proverbial “Old McDonald’s Farm.” Sorry about that. I actually stopped and turned around to capture this image just for that cornyass joke. Shades of TheGentlemanFarmer showing through, I guess. Again, apologies to my fellow Hoons.


Even though this olelongrooffan is on a vacation of sorts and heading to the lake on this 4th of July, there is still the old adage that a farmer’s work is never done.


While this olelongrooffan didn’t capture an image of every Tow Mator tow truck I have spotted over the past week or so, just know there are alot of them scattered around small towns in the southeastern and central part of these here United States. This one was spotted in Greenfield, Missouri, my old high school’s arch rival in sports.


My fellow Hoons may recollect that along with GMC Motorhomes, this olelongrooffan seems to see old fire trucks alongside the roadways I seem to find myself cruising up and down. However, this is the absolute first time I have ever seen a fireworks truck.


Also, in Greenfield, Missouri there seems to be a shortage of gasoline cans.


I finally arrived at my friend’s home to see my buddy of over 30 years hanging on the porch. “It’s about time you got here, longroof. I’m getting damn thirsty,” were the first words out of his mouth.


His beautiful wife wouldn’t let me take her picture until she had put on some makeup and brushed her hair. I told her she didn’t need to do that as she is naturally beautiful. “Oh John,” she said, “you need to come around more often.”

So we exercised those red solo cups for a while trading up tales and had some apps.


Soon thefoamguy disappears only to reappear with this old school fire extinguisher in tow. At first this olelongrooffan was alarmed until he started yelling at those boys down below to “Get Off My Lawn” and then began to shoot pressurized water at them from this fire extinguisher.


And as much as he tries to be a curmudgeon, he fails miserably and these boys kept coming back for more. Again and Again.


Soon that activity grew weary and thefoamguy, who is big into Civil War reenactments and most things old military oriented, got out this miniature cannon to celebrate the 4th of July in his own way.


He even recruited yet another kid to come up on the deck and load that cannon with real gunpowder and pound that cotton ball down into the barrel of that old cannon.


And they must have shot that damn thing off ten or fifteen times to the utter delight of that kid and my old friend. His wife and this olelongrooffan? Meh.


Later that night we headed down to the shoreline to witness yet another episode of fireworks being shot off. Sorry no images of that show as this olelongrooffan knows better than to carry around my fancy dancy image taker in the dark after consuming not enough apps and too many tales.

I captured this image of my friend’s home on the way out the next morning as this olelongrooffan is not really sure when the next time I will get to see it is.

Stay Hooned for what are turning out to be the final days of this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • I so want to tie the one on the right down on a slab, completely refurbish it, and make the world’s most awesome fishing cabin out of it. I am picturing a knotty pine interior and a nice deck off the door.


  • stigshift

    Life sure has handed you a big bucket of lemons lately. But you sure make some damned fine lemonade.

    My proverbial hat is off to you.

    • longrooffan

      Luckily, I have a bit of the Skye to go along with that lemonade. Seriously, thanks man. To me it’s all in the way you Celebrate Life.

  • dukeisduke

    Aww, I was hoping for more pictures of the fuselages, like up close ones. The bigger one looks like an ex-American Eagle plane. I can’t read the livery on the smaller one.

    • mve

      Looks to be an Eagle, as well.

    • Jeepster

      Saab 340, with the early paint scheme.

  • mve

    I’ve seen a guy in Mt. Vernon more than once pulling a trailer down the main drag with his lawn mower. I guess it’s a poor man’s side-by-side.

  • mve

    There’s something unique about a lake house, even if it’s yours. To me it feels like a giant hotel, and the whole neighborhood is part of a big party.

  • bus plunge

    “Stay Hooned for what are turning out to be the final days of this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure.” I know how this story ends…. Hey, look at these taillights!