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D-Van Grand Prix: The Japanese Dodge Ram Van Racing Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

Tim Odell July 16, 2015 All Things Hoon 11 Comments

Dajiban! Deep in the Hooniverse archives lies a post about a Japanese automotive fetish dedicated to building Dodge Ram Vans into track-ready condition. Despite the absurd premise, the end result comes out pretty bitchin’ (an adjective reserved specifically for Camaros and/or customized vans). The lowered stance plus Watanabe/Panasport-style wheels just works on these things. Daytona Magazine (a Japanese car culture mag) put together a documentary on the few weirdos who build these vans for their annual D-Van Grand Prix race. Click for subtitles and screeching tires.

  • neight428

    Japanese oddness usually ends up with grown men taking life sized dolls on actual dates and attending concerts of bands whose members are goldfish. But this, I can understand, a little.

    • I mean…maybe they use the vans to take the dolls to the concerts…

  • 1977ChevyTruck

    North America needs a racing series like this, except with older vans and a rule that stipulates that each van must have a shag interior, and an airbrushed mural on the side.

    • neight428

      Endurance format. 24 hour races, 400 gallon fuel tanks in the back and a bunk for the co-driver. No stopping, use pit row for cruise control enabled driver changes.

      • 1977ChevyTruck


        And that bunk needs to be able to convert into couch, for pre-and post-race interviews!

  • mve

    Tim, I’m glad you posted this. I just watched this earlier today and thought how cool it would be if we had something like this here.
    I still think Richard Hammond was onto something with the people carrier racing. I can see a vintage Caravan vs. Grand Voyager vs. Safari vs. Aerostar doing very well, indeed.

  • JayP

    Hey- This was my idea 30 years ago! NASCAR VANS! Imagine all the sponsorship space!!

    • mve

      As big as today’s minivans are, there’s no reason this can’t happen.