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An Unexpected Adventure With This olelongrooffan Begins


My fellow Hoons may recall this olelongrooffan is up for a mind clearing road trip and man has it been one. After spending some time with thehorsefarmer, theKid and thejeepjunkie on Sunday, I headed over to my favorite notellmotel on the beach there in The Birthplace of Speed for a restful night’s sleep. Upon awakening, I headed over to that new beachfront park to gather an image of the Atlantic Ocean prior to commencing upon my Unexpected Adventure.


So after gathering up that image, the longerroof had set sights on A1A and we headed up the coast line. At some point we decided to head westward where we came upon this sign and I had to grab an image of it. As I was doing so, I realized that my fancy dancy normally autofocus imagetaker was no longer performing its autofocus duties.

Incidentally, that sign read “Journey Off The Map.”


So, at the next intersection at a red light, I grabbed an image of some trees just to double check the autofocus on that imagetaker. No such luck.


Really? WTF? Let’s try this button then.


Ah yes, all is well in this olelongrooffan’s world right about now. I mean the sharing of my adventures are often boring enough, this olelongrooffan can only imagine a thousand mile plus road trip with no images. Also, sorry about the posting of the out of focus images but words sometimes, well at least my words, don’t provide enough description. Who said it? A picture is worth a thousand words?


So there we were heading past a military base and airport converted years ago to an industrial park there in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Off in the distance, I spotted a whole freakin’ bunch of Hyundas or Kias or some such automobiles and these just had to be further checked out. I have read on the book about my face that new car dealers were “stashing” their unsold products on abandoned airfields and such but had never really paid it no nevermind. Until now.


Anyways, as I was checking out what must have been a thousand or so plastic wrapped new cars, I spotted this pontoon kind of thing-ama-jig. This olelongrooffan has never seen anything quite like this previously. I’m not sure what it is but it looks like some type of houseboat built to military specifications. Any ideas my fellow Hoons?


So I checked out a few more of those plastic wrapped vehicles and decided that enough stalling around, it’s time to make some serious time on this first day of my Unexpected Adventure.


But not before capturing this image of this huge assed military landing device. I am pretty sure this is one of the larger wheeled boats this olellongrooffan has ever seen.


So there I was cruising westwardish on some two lane road in the middle of the northern part of the Sunshine State when lo and behold, this olelongrooffan spotted the above image. I was cruising at a sightseeing speed so I merely slowed down, whipped a Ueee and headed back the 1/4 mile or so to further check this place out.


This dude has amassed a collection of old school MOPARs that covered the front end of two adjacent parcels. There was a little bit of everything there from old Dodge based motorhomes (no Travcos though) to a new Bumble Bee Dodge truck parked under a metal carport.


There was a vintage Fury post sedan that appeared to have been resting comfortably there for many moons


and it was situated just behind this old round fendered MOPAR that may or may have not been an early Dodge Polara. Nearly everything in this yard appeared to have been hanging there for quite some time and this olelongrooffan would wager some of my meager pocket folding that these will be here for quite a while longer. And it wasn’t until this olelongrooffan was posting up the above image that I noticed what appeared to be a 67 Ford Sedan in the background of it. I guess some Blue Oval loving is in order as well.


As I was backing out of the driveway of the personal residence situated in one of the two driveways to this meca, I spotted something in the driveway next door so I continued back along the way which I had come. Apparently this MOPAR dude takes MOPARs pretty seriously based on the signage attached to the gates to his shop area.


And using my seldom applied keen sense of observation, I noticed that along the bottom of the fence along the front of that parking lot appeared to be a buch of oil pans stacked vertically. This olelongrooffan can only guess these were in place to prevent critters from gaining access to his yard. But then again, what the hell do I know?


So this olelongrooffan and my longerroof got back on track and once again headed northwestwardish to seek out another adventure or two to share with my fellow Hoons.


This time it came in the form of an old tow truck spotted in downtown Historic Lake City, Florida. I just asked Bus_Plunge what year he thought this old Chevrolet might be. He told me to right click on the image and then click on Google search in that box. How the hell did I not know this feature was available. That explains how so many of my fellow Hoons can Google search so quickly. Thanks Bus_Plunge! BTW, looks like it might be a 37 or a 38.


Just up the Florida Georgia Parkway a piece, this old abandoned Welcome Center on the Florida/Georgia line was spotted. It was pretty cool and even had old Route 66 style concrete picnic tables under shelters. From the signage on the top of that building, they even sold spirits. Sorry, the current RaceTrak gas station/welcome center just up the road a piece couldn’t hold a candle to this cool old spot.


It was a tad bit later that this thing was spotted. I honestly have no idea what it is. It was sitting out in the middle of an industrial lot and was definitely for sale. From the way the driver’s seat was situated, it appeared the front end of this International Harvester was actually the rear.


That slow moving triangle, similar to the one I had on my olestationbus, further confirmed this was an oddball setup and definitely a single purpose vehicle. No telling, at least on my part, of what this thing may be. I just know that I had certainly never seen anything similar to this one prior.


And in south central Georgia, there is a town named for Bacon, FTW.


It was a bit later as this olelongrooffan was passing through Lee County Georgia, just after spotting that yellow International Harvester that this green one was spotted as well. While I think an old Scout would be cool, setting one up such as this nearly negates the coolness factor, at least in this olelongrooffan’s mind.


So, after spotting that green giant monstrosity, I evaluated what was next and realized that I was just a stone’ throw from Plains, Georgia, the birthplace of Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States. Well, my fellow Hoons must know that a Road Trip would not be a Road Trip for this olelongrooffan if I did not pass through this little burg in south central Georgia.


And while there, a drive by of First Brother Billy’s gas station was in order. It reminded me of the last time I was in Plains, Georgia. It was the late 1970’s while Jimmy was still President and Billy was enjoying his time as the brother of the President of the United States. I was Hooning a 1966 Volkswagon Beetle from the Ozarks to Florida and decided to stop off at Billy’s 66 gas station to see what was up. I walked in the front door and there was Billy Carter sitting on a bar stool in the lobby of that gas building eating fried pork chops out of an old cardboard beer flat. He offered one to this young longrooffan but I didn’t have enough gumption to accept his offer. Never will I pass an opportunity such as that up again.

Seriously my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan is just not clever enough to make shit like this up.

There are more Unexpected Adventures on the Road coming soon. Stay Hooned.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

  • P161911

    The giant amphibian is a LARC LX. The Lane Museum has one. The pontoon looking thing appears to be the shell of a hovercraft without the engines or skits on it, just a guess. Maybe someone can find the model of the hovercraft.

    • dukeisduke

      Man, what a cool site. Lots of weird articles.

  • marmer

    I suspect the Scout is a custom-built aircraft pushback tug.

  • dukeisduke

    So Billy owned a Phillips 66? His stock with me just went up a few notches.

  • dukeisduke

    A convention center with liquors? Sign me up!

  • mve

    What an eclectic collection of cars. I love driving through the south and finding a lot full of cars.
    Thanks for sharing. BTW, it appears that someone at my place of employment is a friend of yours. She informed me last week that you were en route to the Ozarks.

    • longrooffan

      yeah. i am here down at the lake trying to stay dry. i’ll be in touch and sorry about my facebook stalker relative.

      • mve

        She actually called me on business and then asked if I knew you. I come all the way across the country, wind up working for the same company as one of your friends.
        As you always say, you can’t make this up.

  • http://i0.wp.com/hooniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG_3855.jpg?fit=500%2C340

    This is the unfinished hull of the prototype ATLAS hovercraft AH-100-P, which was partially built between 2006–2008, but never completed. It was intended to be used as a commuter ferry on the St. Johns River. The company expected to build “two to three dozen vessels a year” but went under before completing any.


  • papamarc

    I just drove to Panama City Beach and back from the Ozarks and didn’t see half as much as you did just leaving FL!

    • stigshift

      When you are on a schedule, and sticking to the Interstates, you see much less. I long for the time and money to take a relaxed road trip.

      • dead_elvis

        Ah, the interstate highway system – now you too can traverse the country & see nothing but the United States of Generica! But yeah, sometimes it is about the destination instead of the journey.