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24 Hours of LeMons expands internationally; Aussie motorsport doomed

Eric Rood June 1, 2015 All Things Hoon 7 Comments


The 24 Hours of LeMons announced yesterday that it was expanding its misshapen sphere of influence to the Southern Hemisphere with the launch of 24 Hours of LeMons Australia. Yes, that means LeMons will join the esteemed ranks of Australian motorsports that include V8 SuperCars, the Hyundai Excel Cup, and shredding Holden Ute tires at burnout events because getting your license taken by anti-hoon laws sucks.

Australian stunt pilot and LeMons Supreme Commander Sean Herbert will host LeMons’ first Australian round—along with Chief Racketeer Craig Claridge—in October at Wakefield Park Raceway in New South Wales (NSW is an Australian “state,” like an Australian analog to California, if I’m reading Wikipedia right).

Herbert was unavailable for comment at press time (Author’s note: Australia is like a week ahead of America because of time zones, Wikipedia said.), but American Associate Perp Nick Pon assured us that these guys were alright and added, “Chris Hanzel is already planning an Australian Arnold Schwarzenegger theme: ‘Throw a shrimp on the barbie and get to da chopper!'”

Anyway, the Australian feature includes one relatively minor change: a $999 AU spending limit instead of the U.S. $500. Since the exchange rate is $0.76 to an Australian dollar, that means that U.S. teams can totally dominate with the extra $260 in their budget, minus a small shipping fee to cover 6000 miles.

American LeMons fans will watch eagerly in anticipation of whether or not Holden Monaro fans can spell their cars’ name correctly like Camero owners here and whether or not a ‘roo-scrote coin purse is an acceptable judicial bribe.

Stay tuned for more updates on our LeMons nutters down under on Hooniverse.

[Image source: Murilee Martin]