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Last Call: Puppy Love Edition

Robert Emslie May 12, 2015 Last Call 6 Comments


One of the greatest challenges following WWII was how to get Europe mobile again, encouraging trade and jumpstarting the region’s economy. That was especially difficult with shattered infrastructures and a scarcity of raw materials, but engendered a lot of innovation in ways to move goods and people.

One of those innovators was S.I.A. T. A. which after the war started building the Cucciolo (puppy) motor that could be mounted on a bicycle, turning any of the Continent’s bikes into modest motorized transportation. So successful was the Cucciolo that S. I. A. T. A. went to Ducati for additional engineering and production capacity.

Until then, Ducati had been best known for their radio components, but in 1950, they produced their first Cucciolo-powered motorcycle. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Image: Automotoconso