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Long Shots: A Goat and A Mini Moke


So the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about just Hooning around seeing what could be seen. I was down at a fairly cool car target rich environment and out back was this cool Mini Moke. I spotted a red one of these many moons ago while working with Manuel Labor up there in the Birthplace of Speed. I remember they had it for sale and the going price was $12,500.00


That one, also red in color, was in very good condition and even had a soft top. Yeah a pretty cool little buggy if I do say so myself. This one was a little rough around the edges but most of the cars I see at this place are. Including the 69 Fleetwood just down a bit.


No images of that Caddy but know it dwarfed this Moke. So this olelongrooffan headed around front to see what else could be seen. And that would be


this Pontiac Lemans, also in resale red. I’m calling this one a 1971 or 72 but this olelongrooffan knows that one of my fellow Hoons will properly identify this quicker than I can type it.

And I can also hear my fellow Hoons stating that this is a Lemans, not a GTO.

IMG_3455 (2)

No, we need to mosey down to the next cool car spotting location to see that GTO. Yes, both resale red Ponchos were spotted in one day, merely ten minutes apart. I even went back to that first location just to make sure that one was still there. I sure am glad I am a simple guy and take pleasure in finding obscure crap like this and finding it humorous.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2015/ longrooffan

  • dukeisduke

    The only way to tell for sure whether one is a Tempest, Le Mans, or GTO is by the first five characters of the VIN.

  • “I spotted a red one of these many moons ago….”

    Are you sure this isn’t the same one? It has the same fake front plate, grille badge, and windshield stickers (although a new one seems to have been added as well):



    • longrooffan

      md: It could very well be the same one with the exception being the seat cushions. In the one I saw a couple years ago, this one, they were a fitted brown leatherette looking cushion where as the one I saw last week the cushions looked like they were out of the lawn furniture department at WallyWorld. Other than that, they were identical. Except the Florida tags.

    • Rover 1

      Other, of course, than it’s excessive size and extensive safety engineering, I could see this as being in your collection. But then parts are probably too easy to get, as well. : -)

      • Another drawback is that people want real money for these, too.