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Please Don’t Make this Turbo Corvair into a Trike

Tim Odell April 28, 2015 For Sale, Terrible Ideas 7 Comments

Corvair spyder turbo motor

Alternate title: How Would You Roll the Dice with a Motor from a Corvair that’s been Sitting Since Before Touch-Tone Phones. Encased amidst that vaguely-Corvair-shaped cloud of ferrous oxide is a 150 hp turbocharged flat six mated to a four speed manual transmission. The seller admits he hasn’t tried to crank it, so we don’t know if the block, crank and cylinders have maintained their independence or become one, metallurgically speaking.

1964 corvair spyder for sale (3)1964 corvair spyder for sale (4)1964 corvair spyder for sale (5)

The seller goes so far as to suggest making a trike out of it, which I’ll count as a strike against the state of Virginia as a whole–shame on the lot of you. Assuming the drivetrain could be made functional again, what would you do with that turbo pancake?

For me the only answer is a Dune Buggy or sand rail. A quick search tells me they’re already hopelessly expensive complete, but here’s a chassis for not too much. Groovy bodywork is mandatory, however:
Vintage Sandrail

Groovy image via Autoculture.org

1964 Corvair Spyder for sale – eBay Motors

  • Kiefmo

    Success, the Kiefmo way:

    1) Leave the engine in that body. Get it running well. Remove and discard hood, insert beer keg fuel tank.
    2) Gut it, including windows except windscreen. Remove doors as well.
    3) Add a beefy cage and reinforce the key subframe and suspension mounting points with more tubing.
    4) Insert just enough interior to hold you and passengers in place and control the vehicle. Seats+belts, driver controls, done.

    5) Plasma cutter to fenders. Take lots off.

    6) Off-road meats into your newly-opened fenders.
    7) Go have fun.

    • I’m not sure you need a plasma cutter for 5. Perhaps a stern disapproving look would do.

  • William Robinson

    The listing needs more pics so that the rust can be properly assessed. The pics show the floor is gone but what about the rest? Needs more pics like I said earlier. I love these and would love to see this one put right if at all possible.

  • Bradley Brownell

    For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about a dual purpose land speed/drag racing car built out of an old Formula Vee chassis with a Corvair Turbo engine in the back. Could be fun…

  • Batshitbox

    Flatmobile. Definitely make a flatmobile, but with a ridiculous Ed Roth tower shifter.

  • Alff

    Put it in a Porsche 914 for optimal WTF factor.

  • dukeisduke

    Twenty years ago, a guy in our club (he was one of pair of identical twins, Carless and Darrell Hutson, from Wichita Falls) built a trike, using the front half of a bike, with a Corvair powertrain. It had a Powerglide, with the late model PG shifter sprouting from the bike’s fuel tank (it had a different tank hidden down below). And yes, it was well built, and cool.