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The Beauty of Treasured Junk

Kamil Kaluski April 27, 2015 Eastern European Cars 11 Comments

beautiful junkyard

The story goes like this: sometime ago the creator of Zlomnik.pl (my third favorite website ever!) found some cars on Google Maps that seemed to be scattered across a property. It wasn’t a junk yard, it wasn’t an impound yard, he had no idea what it was. Little bit of research showed that the land belonged to some crazy guy who lived in a hut and would supposedly shoot any visitors with a BB gun. That man supposedly collected junked cars with the hopes of restoring them and selling for profit, much like any of us would, given enough land and alcohol. Zlomnik’s friends suggest that they go there anyway, maybe even fly over it with a drone or even a Cessna, but the trip never came to fruition.

Recently one of Zlomnik’s readers, who was fishing nearby, simply walked through there. The crazy man is now dead and these cars have been rotting further away. That reader happened to have a decent camera and managed to take some great pictures of the place. The place is filled with some amazing cars and everyone is likely to see something they like. Go to zlomnik.pl, ignore the words you can’t understand, and just look at the pictures – they are amazing!