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Flagship Dealerships of the Champs-Elysees: Renault, Citroen

Jim Yu March 4, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To... 6 Comments


Ready for something weird? Really weird? French weird?

The Renault dealership in Paris is odd. It’s even odder than the Citroen dealership. From the outside, L’Atelier (studio/workshop) Renault looks modern, but relatively benign. But what is this “The Renault Espace Sensations Experience”? Let’s go inside.


Like the Mercedes dealership, an F1 car greets visitors. Here, it’s a Renault powered 2012 Red Bull Racing RB8.


I had to experience the Espace exhibit. And this is what I experienced.





To sum up, the experience was dark, confusing, and pointless. It did not make me covet an Espace. As you exit the exhibit, there is a cutaway Espace minivan.



I saw a few one-seater Twizys in town and got to sit in one at the showroom.



The dealership had a few other gimmicks, including this children’s play area…


…and this bar restaurant upstairs. The menu looked intriguing, but I wasn’t hungry and I still had the Citroen dealership to visit. (And yes, those are swings for customers to sit in.)


The Citroen dealership is more like a museum than any of the other dealerships along the Champs-Elysees. The building is narrow and tall. At each level is a singular car. The cars on display when I visited were all contemporary and a bit boring. To be fair, I think Citroen had all the cool cars at the Retromobile exhibit.









Stay tuned as I show you the greatest collection of Citroens in the world, at the Conservatoire!

Images source: Copyright 2015 Hooniverse/Jim Yu

  • The Citroën building is pretty neat. Did they feature any of their new DS brand there, or have they fully separated it?

    They seem to have global ambitions with DS–about a month ago the brand CEO said their plan is to have a dealership presence in 30 North American cities. The tone was very matter-of-fact, the lack of pomp surrounding that statement was conspicuous.

    I’m looking forward to their arrival.

    • Vavon

      DS has been completely separated from Citroën.
      To see DS’s you have to go to the DS World.

  • That’s cool! The Citroën building looks like a fantastyland factory. Is that a slide in the middle?

  • Bradley Brownell

    I popped in for a little bit when I was in Paris for the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year.

    I didn’t make it to Citroen, because I was on the wrong side of the street, and we had dinner reservations to make.

  • Vairship
    • Guest

      Hmm how does the new image linking work without the extra garbage?