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2015 Chicago Auto Show: Guess which booth was our favorite…

Jeff Glucker February 13, 2015 Car Shows, Chicago Auto Show 9 Comments


If you’re curious, Whistle Pig bourbon is delicious…

  • Eric Rood


    • guest

      That man on the right does seem to be surprised to be drinking.

      "Booze! Woo!"

    • JayP2112

      Are you short or is Glucker just that tall?

      • Rood the Mobile


        • JayP2112

          Yea. I figured he's a freak of nature.

      • 6'3" brah

  • CherokeeOwner

    Compared to, say, Bulleit Bourbon, how does Whistle Pig taste?

    Also, Glucker, when are you and BeerSnobTV coming to Colorado? In Greeley alone, we now have five microbreweries, a winery, and a spirits-maker.

    • My dream is to a save CO for the massive festival… make that one mega episode or maybe even two.

      we have lined up some locations for two more episodes. Ep 2 is out shortly and 3 is being edited. The new ones would be 4 and 5

    • Also, Whistle Pig is better