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Hoonivercinema- Monday Bonus Music Video

Scott Ith February 2, 2015 Hoonivercinema, Monday Music Video 3 Comments

Gardena stock car race

This lede image is, sadly, not part of the music video here.  In fact, it isn’t a video at all, but it is a link to a Drive-By Truckers song called “Daddy’s Cup” on YouTube. The song is all about a father and son who live their lives for racing.  Given the subject matter, I have deemed it worthy of the Hooniverse.

The lyrics drive a story that many of us can relate to our own father and his influence. Give it a listen and enjoy.

The first time that I raced my qualifying was a shame
I started out way in the back and came back about the same
I pulled her in the pit, couldn’t look my Daddy in the eye
He said “If you quit now son, it’s gonna haunt you all your life”



  • Hatchtopia

    Those guys are great in concert. Do yourself a solid and go see them when they are nearby.

  • hwessert

    Oh crap. Been a few years since I've listened to this song.
    These guys know how to tell some amazing stories.

  • Jeff

    Remember when stock car racers raced stock cars? Pepperidge Farm remembers.