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Two Polish Junk Yards


Last October I went to Poland. While there I took care of some personal stuff, visited family, met up with the man behind zlomnik.pl (I frequently feature pictures from that awesome site) and of course did some car-related things. One of them was stopping by a junk yard that was just outside of Warsaw. It was really random, we were just driving by it in my father’s Lada Niva and I decided to stop in, see what’s what and how similar/different it is from American junk yards.

The second set of junk yard pictures was taken by my Polonez owning cousin Darek. He drove some place far away to a junk yard that specialized in FSO parts, where he picked up various trim pieces and some doors for his car. Check out all the images after the jump.


This was a very small junk yard. It specialized in VW/Audi (including popular Skoda and Seat) parts and some French cars. I was really surprised by how clean and organized everything was.



Exhaust systems all lined up. They were all marked. Note the ground – it was either packed small stones or brick. No dirt or oil stains anywhere.


Air filter boxes. I guess there are the first to go in small crashes in small cars.


Customers were not allowed to pull their own parts here. The owner said that if he allowed that he’s lose a ton of money on damaged and/or stolen parts and the place would be a total mess.





Below are images from the FSO junk yard.


I left Poland in 1987, about a year after a face-lifted Polonez was introduced. That little window in the c-pillar was part of the face-lift. Everyone wanted one. Now, here they are…


10720974_871234616221457_1102047991_n (2)







  • Sjalabais

    Neat! Did you bring any souvenirs?

    The "stainless" first junkyard is pretty much the norm in Europe. Environmental legislation is strict and fines for leaks and pollution are high.

    In Norway, junkyards will ship parts all over the country. Just enter your car's registry number (2 letters, 5 numbers) and it will automatically find matching parts from similar cars, organised in categories: http://www.nbfbildeler.no/

  • Manic_King

    Wait a sec, they made Polonez sedan? I travelled 2 times through the Poland this summer by car and saw only 2 small Polski Fiats and maybe 5 Polonez's and I'm quite sure not a one of these were sedan version.
    I can also see it's same like here, cars from the UK are cheap source of spare parts for junk yards. For example: http://www.carway.ee/cars-to-spare-parts

    • Sjalabais

      One just has to appreciate how most of the BMWs in your link are shown in their natural state. With the fog lights on.

      • Perc

        Don't forget the drivers seat that leans into the car. You know, when you're behind a BMW in traffic and you can see the head of the driver smack dab in the middle between the headrests.

        It was probably in the option package that had the M badge.

        • Sjalabais

          Improved internal air flow, yo!

          It's a shame though to see so many young cars with what people deemed terminal damage.

    • As someone who has owned many BMWs from the late 90s and mid-2000s, I appreciate that.
      What's wrong with this longroof? http://www.carway.ee/mod_shop_a7789ef88d599b8df86

      • Manic_King

        No idea, most probably water damage, they've had some big floods in the UK during recent years. With all the electronics in these cars it's probably cheaper for insurance to pay out to owner.

  • Zé PB

    Hi Kamil! I’m interested in visiting one or more of these junk yards nearby Warsaw because I need some spare parts that are not easy to find and this is a good alternative. Do you have more details to get there?

    Thank you