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Last Call: Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus 2014

LongRoofian December 15, 2014 All Things Hoon 7 Comments


Are any of my fellow Hoons interested in being on the receiving end of any of the cool type crap this olelongrooffan received a couple Hoonimas’ ago, and as shown in the above image? Yeah, it is time for the now annual Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus.

How does it work? Well fellow Hoons you have until nightfall on Wednesday to get your snail mail address to Hooniclaus over at ninjaclaus@atomictoasters.com. In that email include some of your interests (mine are old school automotive pinup posters and cookies) and Hooniclaus will match your snail mail with a fellow Hoon and voila! just a short time later a batch of goodies such as seen above will arrive at your door via a uniformed member of the national government.

The caveat? Well, Hooniclaus himself says it best:

“I have a list and I am checking it twice. I know who has been naughty and nice so if you signed up last year and didn’t follow through you will have to send two crummy gifts this year to participate. Anywho, this is fun for a bunch of people so ifn you wanna play, then play. It’s my bad that I am late getting this going so I will run this all the way up through new years if you guys want (I have reports that some of last years people finally received gifts as late as last month. Better late than never?)

Merry Hoonimas everybody!


So remember to get your snail mail off and go out the garage, look in that Hooniverse swag box and get something off post haste.

  • Rover_1

    Are there really any better gifts than Hot-wheels and Chocolate?

  • Dana

    A like new turbocharger!

  • Hopman

    I'm including a couple of trucking related items in my box this year. And a couple of classic LeMons tees.

  • danio

    That appears to be a speedometer for a '61-'63 Thunderbird. I'll take that since it'll fit my '63

    • longrooffan

      It's got a bow tie on the face..I'm thinking mid 50's belair.