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The 2015 Hooniverse Calendar Can Be Yours NOW!

Ray Lindenburg December 1, 2014 All Things Hoon, Featured, For Sale 19 Comments


That’s right, it’s Cyber Monday, and you all know what that means – whatever money left over from Black Friday can now be spent on such frippery as the 2015 Hooniverse Calendar!

Of course, having a calendar is far from frippery – it’s more a basic necessity of life – but I really wanted to work that word into a sentence or two today.


In any case, as mentioned before, this year’s calendar is a little different than past years.  Instead of listing the days of the week in English, Finnish and Polish, there’s a metal spiral binding that allows the calendar to lay flat.  Rather than a pretty pavement background, there’s a hole already punched for your hanging convenience.

What hasn’t changed is the quality of the photography – see for yourself, but we are quite proud of this year’s selections.

10-October-brendan copy

We’d love to hear your feedback on the changes – let us know which design you prefer and we’ll incorporate those comments into future publications.

Like Chicago politics,  order early and order often – the proceeds go to this very website and keeping it up and running.

5-may-eric copy

  • GregKachadurian

    This is awesome. Great job Ray and to our photographers! Thanks for adding the binding but personally wouldn't mind seeing the asphalt background again in the future.

  • Eric Rood

    Thanks for putting this together, Ray!

  • nanoop

    Anyone who figured out shipping to Europe? I hate it if I have to create an account with finger print and tissue sample just to find out if it's 10 (yay!) or 40 (nay) bucks.

    • Irishzombieman☆

      Not sure the calendar would work in Europe, being non-metric and all.


      • Vairship

        Plus the text runs left to right, so it won't work in the UK or Ireland, where they write right to left.

      • nanoop

        I got an imperial clock for Christmas two years ago, so I can do the conversion. All I need is a Yorkshire Shingle of electrical energy, but there are specialist services that convert our mignon batteries to AA.

    • Sjalabais

      Shipping adds $7.46 to the bill*.

      *A federal agent will replace you in your marital bed for 6-8 weeks. You have to carry a stars and stripes flag at all times. Hide your lust after Soviet automobiles well. Add a drop of black oil and a pint of sweat to your morning müsli, flavour with a handful of gunpowder. Don't look over your shoulder at any times.

      • nanoop

        No tissue sample, that's good to hear!
        (Is the price real or one for the joke?)

        • skitter

          Not sure, but you can check out without making an account, and supposedly they also print in the UK. Perhaps they ship to Europe from there.

        • Sjalabais

          Price is, actually, real. Just try it! It's the cheapest shipping method among four alternatives.

          If they try to charge you 7.47 for shipping though, I'd consider it a rip-off. =8^)

          • nanoop

            Done, thanks for going first… Typical nanoopian X-files database angst, sorry for being such a coward.

            • Sjalabais

              Hehe, no problem.

  • Nice work, Ray. You've once again proved your worth. Now if I could just prove mine…

  • Not enough Polonez… but nice to see a Lada. 🙂

  • skitter

    Remember to save your 2014 calendars for reviewing alongside the 2025 edition.

  • SecondsSaturdays

    It'll always be November 2014 in the Hanzel household. 😉

    • hatchtopia

      That one was my favorite too.

  • Sjalabais

    Love it! Ordered it. Must be the best cover image the world has ever seen, eh?

  • desertfox82