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On The Road With This olelongrooffan: Let’s Cruise The Loop, Shall We?

LongRoofian November 28, 2014 All Things Hoon 9 Comments

IMG_2684 So after having spent the last few days roadtripping it around the upper parts of the Sunshine State, this day this olelongrooffan hung around the Birthplace of Speed to see what could be seen. While there are a trailer loads of cool ass cars in town for the Turkey Rod Run, and already hanging out at BelAire Plaza, I wasn’t quite ready to immerse myself in that experience just yet, after all it is a long weekend ahead. No, this olelongrooffan just cruised around and, in my typical fashion, stumbled upon this pretty sweet longroof over on the always cool Carswell Avenue down in Daytona Beach. Click on through to see what that has to do with the Cruising The Loop. IMG_2683 But before I go there, that wood grain is actually faux paint. It was a perfect execution but to this olelongrooffan, it was too perfect. Not that it wouldn’t be welcome in my livery. I then headed over to my former place of employment to pick up my comped $55 pass to the Rod Run out at the Daytona International Speedway for the weekend. Yeah, my old boss comped me a full blown pass and then mentioned to be sure to stop by his trailer selling booth for lunch on Friday and Saturday. Yeah he is a big ole teddy bear. A 7th grade drop out who now owns a very successful international trailer sales business and automotive repair facility employing some 20+ people. This olelongrooffan respects him a lot. IMG_2706 So it was about this time this olelongrooffan was kinda stumped about what Road Trip I could do with the limited time I had left in this day. Well, I headed back up to the Birthplace of Speed and grabbed me a red snapper fish and chips basket at an excellent local seafood joint while perusing the Car Show magazine published by the guys who throwing the big party this weekend. IMG_2688 As I left that seafood restaurant, I remembered the Ormond Loop and that it is a pretty cool meandering drive through both the Tomoka and the Bulow Creek State Parks and this olelongrooffan thought it would be Hooniworthy enough to share with my fellow Hoons. IMG_2685 The Loop starts at the intersection of Granada Boulevard and the Old Dixie Highway (any of my fellow Hoons surprised?) there alongside the Halifax River in Ormond Beach and heads north along Old Dixie for about eight miles. It is an oak tree-ed canopied roadway with dense wetlands along each side. IMG_2686 Then, as a Hoon exits the Tomoka State Park and cross that bridge spanning the Tomoka River, this is the vista to be enjoyed. After a full day of rain yesterday, again this morning and then driving through that canopy of trees, the bright sunshine was almost blinding. When this olelongrooffan started on this pilgrimage down at Granada Boulevard, the skies were still overcast so this bit of bright sunshine was quite welcome. IMG_2687 This expanse of wetlands is known as the Tomoka Basin and appears to stretch on forever. That puddle seen adjacent to the road was left over from yesterday and this morning’s rain. Yeah there are remnants of the rains we’ve had round here these parts all over these here parts. IMG_2691 Back in the real estate boom years, folks started building McMansions all along the water front and an effort to put a stop to this and “Save The Loop” bumper stickers could be seen on Prius’ and Subaru’s all over the place. Well, they were successful in that endeavor and a moratorium on new construction was established along the Loop. IMG_2692 Just up Old Dixie from that line of McMansions is the remnants of an old man Bulew’s sugar and rum processing facility. Yeah, water, water everywhere. IMG_2693 Old Dixie Highway in this area is a straight and somewhat boring, aside of the scenery, drive. I had last driven the Loop some years ago in my buddy RJ’s Porsche Boxster. It was only the second time I have every driven a Porsche and it was a blast. RJ had hung around my Taj Mahal while I was out on a date with Manual Labor. IMG_2695 He had consumed a few cold libation and when I returned home, he offered me one. “Not yet, this olelongrooffan needs to drive that Porsche first.” “Let’s get on with it then,” was his response. Once we got on Old Dixie he was bitching about how boring it was. IMG_2696 I told him to wait until we get over on High Bridge Road. IMG_2697 It was a blast to toss his ride around this waterside roadway. It is quite nice, water on one side and dense forests on the other. IMG_2698 And curves. IMG_2699 A slightly inebriated RJ kept urging me on to pick up the pace. IMG_2700 This olelongrooffan told him to shut his drunk ass up. “You drive your two seaters every day but this is the first time I’ve driven this and I ain’t putting it in the water or a tree. I’m having fun just driving this fast.” IMG_2701 IMG_2703 Yeah, I enjoyed remembering that ride as I drove the Loop this day. IMG_2707 I mentioned that road was called “Highbridge Road.” Now when I think of high bridges here in the Sunshine State, this is what immediately comes to my mind. IMG_2704 But apparently someone’s idea of a high bridge is draw bridge over the Tomoca River. IMG_2705 Just past that high bridge, you need to head south on John Andersen Parkway to get back to The Birthplace of Speed to complete the Ormond Scenic Loop. It was on this drive that this olelongrooffan spotted this beautiful Westie based out of California and I would totally Hoon this between here and there whenever the situation presented itself. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

  • I'll bet all those cars with "Save The Loop" bumper stickers were parked in those McMansions at the end of the day. Now that there's a moratorium on new constructions the property values for the existing is through the roof. I'm okay with stopping new construction, I think places like Lincoln, Massachusetts and The Adirondacks are fine just the way they are, but I recognize they're the result of pure, self interested NIMBY-ism.

    "High Bridge", in a state with a maximum elevation of 300 feet, is really just anything tall enough to pass a Peterbilt under, isn't it? We have trees that grow higher than the whole of Florida.

    I have to say, your travelogues are showing me an appealing side of a state I tend to think poorly of. In my teenage days a lot of my hitchiker friends would get stuck there, as people were willing to give them a ride in, but no one would pick them up to get them out. Wags like Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry use the state as the butt of many jokes; and Stephen Fry had so little nice to say about it he just turned around and left.

    Ooo! Briliant Idea #4023: We make Stephen Fry re-shoot the Florida segment of Stephen Fry in America with olelongrooffan as his navigator! Bet he'd do it.

    • Manic_King

      Went to G Maps to see where are these mansions and they seem kinda isolated, esp. those 2 which are away from the shoreline, inside unfinished Toscana development. I bet owners or their children at least would like to have more neighbours.

  • stigshift

    I live in Dunedin, Florida. Thankfully there is no way to ruin the decades old stretch of Alt. 19 N heading into town from Clearwater. It looks like everything you'd want Florida to be, running right along the water. Truly a beautiful, if short, stretch of road.

  • lil-red

    That 3rd brake light on the longroof looks like it
    came from a 46 Dodge.

  • UDman
  • ID has once again concatenated an image tag onto the end of UDman's hyperlink, try this one

  • Van_Sarockin

    Well, go figger, there's roads in that ol' FLA with curves!

    • Reminds me of the road around Bolinas Lagoon up there in Marin County, CA

  • HoondaVanDude

    A neat place to cruise through. Florida is definitely the land of arrow-straight roads (for the most part). I find myself driving quite a few extra miles to find a few corners. If you're in that neck of the woods also check out Old Brick Highway. They preserved a section of the old brick road that ran the east coast before Dixie Highway/US 1 was constructed. There are still some ruins of hamlets & structures that became obsolete once the highway was built. Drive slow and/or drive a truck though…it's easy to get a flat on the broken bricks/dirt road.