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Don’t Blow Your Holiday Budget On Black Friday!

Ray Lindenburg November 26, 2014 All Things Hoon 11 Comments


Why?  Well because that just feeds the corporate overlords you need to set aside some cash for Cyber Monday, and perhaps most importantly, dozens of copies of the 2015 Hooniverse Calendar!  We’ve made some changes this year in response to customer feedback, such as a wire binding, heavier paper, and OMG yes, an attachment orifice.


Expect more of the usual assortment of oddball cars, interspersed with actual, professional-quality photos.  No filler here, folks – the 2015 Hooniverse Calendar promises to be a baker’s dozen of pure, unadulterated hoontastic good times.

So hold on to a few bucks so you can blow it all on something useful on Monday.  As always, proceeds will benefit your favorite website.

That’s Hooniverse.com, btw.

  • William

    That Porsche is from my home town. Or at least being photographed in Vancouver. Must buy it now.

    • boostedlegowgn

      Yes, that's Spanish Banks, my shot – I did a piece on it. And you should be reading the driving section of the Sun because I'm in there now, and I do all kinds of stories like this. Upcoming Noble M400 drive.

      • Sjalabais

        Will that be online?

  • stigshift

    That shot of the Porsche is absolutely perfect. My new walllpaper.

  • Rover_1

    Is that Porsche the one with the electric drive conversion?

    • Hatchtopia

      I believe so.

      • Rover_1

        Sooo much nicer than a Leaf.

        • Sjalabais

          That would be one way to convince my humble self to go electric. Wonder how the extra weight affects the driving?

          • boostedlegowgn

            What extra weight? This thing is a tank of gas more than a contemporary 911S.

            • Sjalabais

              Well, I'd assume that batteries and electromotor weigh more than the original engine, driveline and tank? The weight of the vehicle is my main critique of the Tesla S. It feels really heavy in juicy turns.