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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – 1965 Volvo 122s Amazon with something special…

Rat rod muscle car - Google Chrome 7122014 125154 PM.bmp

While former writer for Hooniverse, Alex Kierstein, is selling his beloved 1967 Volvo Amazon, another Volvo Amazon popped up on Craigslist recently, and it is a whole different animal. While the Volvo that Mr. Kierstein is selling is a well loved original, this Volvo is anything but… Would you find it appealing, or appalling?

Rat rod muscle car - Google Chrome 7122014 125231 PM.bmp

According to the Craigslist Listing:

1965 volvo 122s “amazon” body car is drivable right now and on the road. lots of mods: small block chevy 350 engine with block hugger headers, wieland intake, mallory distributor, gear drive cam, manual valve body 350 turboglide trans with ratchet shift, narrowed ford 8.8 rear end;4-10 ring gear with competition engineering ladder bar/coil over suspention, custom welded in sub-frame connectors and shock cross member welded in, large fuel cell and custom made battery box in trunk, body has been gone over by pro body guy, new wire harness, really nice bucket seats up front and stock back seat that i planned on covering. has a tiny dent where the old fuel fill is, needs interior carpet, needs new brake light switch.

Rat rod muscle car - Google Chrome 7122014 125228 PM.bmp

The transmission is stated to be a Turboglide, which makes this a rare setup indeed. My family once owned a car with a Turboglide Automatic, and the shifts were smooth, as you could never tell if the car went into high gear of not. I would never equate this transmission with performance, but what the hell… Asking price for this modified Amazon is $4,800. See the Tampa Bay Craigslist Listing here, and tell me if you think this Volvo is anywhere as desirable as Alex’s.

Rat rod muscle car - Google Chrome 7122014 125216 PM.bmp

  • R Henry

    SBCs are like cockroaches. They always show up where they are not wanted.

  • Sjalabais

    No doubt: I'd go for the original car. But I'd love to take Frankenstein here around the block. Incognito.

    • http://hooniverse.com/ Batshitbox

      Slow down on the corners.

  • http://hooniverse.com/ Batshitbox

    Alex's B20B / M40 upgrades make perfect sense. This is just ugly and uncomfortable. Who buys a used drag racer, anyway?

  • smalleyxb122

    It's a unique hot rod done up in the least unique way possible, and I like it, nonetheless. $4,800 seems like a reasonable price for it, too.

  • 7Fiat's Later

    Would be cooler with a hood, some interior and full stealth mode decent paint job instead of rattle can stealthy.

    • Sjalabais

      Not everyone got the sleeper-is-superior-memo.

  • Scoutdude

    Needs to loose the scoop and possibly the "high rise" intake and gain a hood. I'd go with a little bigger front tire so there wasn't such a noticeable difference in size front to rear.

  • dukeisduke

    I know about the Turbo Hydra-Matic 350, and the Turboglide, but I've never heard of a Turboglide 350. I think it's probably a THM 350.

    • Renzo

      dukeisright…Turboglide disappeared from Chev in the 1950's IIRC. They were a s m o o t h
      trans-you can't feel the shift points. TH350 more than likely is what this Frankenstein is sporting.

  • mechimike

    4 door ratty 122: $1000
    Chevy 350/ 350 trans: $500.

    What sort of rear end is supporting this mess?


    He's not out of his mind on the price, and with a little work it could be made quite enjoyable. Throw the 350/350 away and put a 5.3 Vortec with a carb and an old F-body T56 in there, put on some swaybars, and it could be a hoot.


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