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Wagon Wednesday – Help a BMW E30 Touring restoration get finished!


Aleš, a Slovenian gearhead and pneumatic Lego engine wizard, bought his dream car, a white BMW E30 325i Touring in 2012. The car wasn’t a complete basket case, but it sorely needed a rebuild to keep it from deteriorating quickly. There was hidden rust, and on a white car it would’ve revealed itself nastily soon enough.

Aleš started an extensive project, stripping the Touring to a skeleton shell, ridding the car of everything that wasn’t right. The finished job was aimed at factory perfect, or better. The power train had been updated at some point with a factory fresh engine, but a thorough overhaul of the dirty bits was in order. All the spare time and money Aleš has had, has gone into the 5-speed 5-door; the amount of work done by now is enormous.


Now, the car has been resprayed in glorious Alpine White, most of the removed and restored and/or new parts have found their way back onto the car and the project isn’t far from being finished. But, crucially, funds to get it 100% back together have drained. As Aleš says:

“Dwindling business meant that my income in 2014 dropped rapidly and as it is now I can not afford to finish the car.
All I need is 1500 euros, which does not seem like much, but to me right now it’s a huge sum of money.”

“What is basically left to do on the car are the following things:
– (approx. 150 eur) Installation of the rear glass panels and a new windscreen
– (approx. 200 eur) repaired front seats, repaired interior sky and rear bench
– (approx. 100 eur) new fluids (oil, cooling fluid, brake fluid) and new oil filter + work
– (approx. 400 eur) new tires
– (approx. 300 eur) new brake discs and brake pads
– (approx. 150 eur) some new parts from BMW Classic (various clips, new front BMW logo, new 325i lettering, some rubber parts and connectors)
– wheel alignment (35 eur)
– unforeseen expenses (100 eur)
this totals to 1435 eur.”

When the car is finished, Aleš will drive the car to Nürburgring and create a video documentary along with a ton of photos. Looking at the project photos, along with the discussion on FinalGear, it’s clear the 325i wagon will be one of the best, if not the best one anywhere, let alone Slovenia. No corners have been cut, no widget left unnoticed. Perfection comes at a price, and the car is currently 1300 eur away from being as factory fresh as a 1989 BMW can be made. Aleš keeps working on the car as funds allow, but getting the Internet to lend him a hand would speed the work immensely, saving the car from sitting unfinished in a garage for ages.

The GoFundMe page for the BMW is right here, with gallery links to the work done and being done.

[Source: FinalGear.com]

  • Scandinavian Flick ★

    I don't see beer on that shopping list…

  • IceBone

    We have an agreement that I provide the beer whenever I come around to help wrench on the car. It's my contribution instead of money.

    • Scandinavian Flick ★

      As someone who has been very fortunate to have a number of seriously awesome friends that contribute their time working hard on my various project cars, I can say that the help alone is worth far more than any beer. And that's saying something, because I do love good beer…

      This is a great looking project, by the way! Glad to see it's getting done right, and I'm sure we'd all enjoy seeing updates here.

  • nicjasno

    You have contributed quite a bit over the course of the last 2 years.

  • oh, and of course it's on Boston CL. Figures he's a 'Masshole'

    • IceBone

      Are you saying that I and my friend nicjasno, who have lived in Slovenia for all our lives have suddenly moved to Boston?

      News to me.