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Wagon Wednesday – Zombie Ford Falcon Surf Wagon

Bryce Womeldurf April 23, 2014 All Things Hoon, Wagon Wednesday 14 Comments


When I first saw this zombie-fied surf wagon at a quick glance, I thought it was a Corvair. I made a quick turn around and pulled into the empty lot next to the car wash and found in front of me a first generation Ford Falcon station wagon and this particular one looks to be waiting to be saved. It was spotted recently on the side of A1A in St Augustine Beach, Florida.



There was plenty of rust present, even in the interior, but the Falcon wagon also appeared to have complete and intact lenses and interior, despite the car itself not having been road registered since 2009.


Strangely enough, it just sits out in an open field with the windows down but doesn’t appear to have been raided by parts scavengers.



You can tell by the little details like the conch shell on the dashboard and the various stickers on the back (including a Coop girl, don’t Google it at work…) that somebody loved this car in its lifetime. With any hope, someone still does. Hoon on, zombie surf wagon!

Full Flickr slideshow available here.
Photos Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Bryce Womeldurf


  • Tom Lee

    Stopped and looked at this wagon several times in last three years, as I lived in park behind it.
    Just too much to make it roadworthy again.

    St. Augustine Florida, a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem.


    • Ha! I'm always surprised by how many old cars I see when I visit there. There's a yellow VW Thing that I've seen a few times, still in really good running condition from the looks of it.

      • That whole stretch of A1A from St. Augustine to Melbourne is a kind of old car spotter's dreamland. When I spent a summer in Cocoa Beach I would just drive around on Saturday afternoon looking for what old cars I could find. It never let me down.

        • It's fitting then that I recently saw a map titled something like "what state do these cities resemble" that listed St Augustine as being similar to California, where old cars never seem to die. I love the area. Been going there since I was a kid.

  • In advertising speak this is what's listed as "complete", which is supposed to imply that everything is there, but what really means, "complete wreck" as in nothing that is there will be salvageable. It's also, "all original", vis-a-vis the hubcaps.

    Still, if you were of a mind, and the frame and suspension points had any integrity, you're one drivetrain away from a killer sleeper. Put all those spray bomb twerps to shame by out not-giving-a-shit-about-looksing them.

    • Yes, I know a few people who would be willing to enter project car hell with this car. It's weird, it's got character, and there's a straight body. Some people like to drive a wreck. I understand the allure in some ways. If it starts and drives, you've got something unique but don't have to worry about people putting dings in the doors. It could be pretty amazing. I'm surprised no one has bought it so far.

  • Hoondavan

    I stopped and looked at this one ~3 years ago. At first glance it looked like a fun hooptie for a post-surf taco run (A1A Burrito Works! FTW). Upon closer inspection, it had grass growing up through the holes in the floor boards and looked like it was a long way from ever getting back on the street. Pretty sure the windows down is a more recently acquired condition…sad.

    At about the same time I saw it posted for sale either on craigslist or at the (now closed?) Scooter/chopper shop next door. If I remember correctly, the asking price was somewhere north of $3k. I still might be tempted to drag it home for a couple hundred bucks.

    • They must have closed or the car was moved. There's just a dry cleaner and a car wash next to it where it sits now.


    Parts car…but who the hell is looking for Falcon parts…

  • FЯeeMan

    Great find & great write-up. I thought it was an OLRF post until I realized the writing was wrong for that. What's happened to OlLongRoof? Is he still around, or did real life kick in again?

    And the question and comparison are meant very much in a complimentary way, Bryce!

    • Well, thank you very much. As far as I know he's still around. I've been so busy with grad school that it's hard for me to say. Been very preoccupied lately.

  • And here's a front runner for the 2015 calendar, folks!

  • That could only look better if it had the external spare tire carrier.
    <img src="http://www.okierover.com/images/falcon.jpg&quot; width="600">
    Full size picture available at http://www.okierover.com/images/falcon.jpg
    This lovely Falcon is located in Mill Creek, Oklahoma or it was when I snapped the pic.