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Review: Morgan 3 Wheeler
A love of driving… Distilled


Four wheels can be fun, and two wheels seem adventurous. Somewhere in the middle lies the Morgan 3 Wheeler. It’s essentially a bathtub connected to an X-Wedge S&S motor and a triumvirate of wheels. Inside the cockpit is a pair of quilted leather seats, a wooden steering wheel, a gear shift lever, and a few gauges set alongside a starter button.

It’s a simple recipe… Yet when it’s all stirred together it created one of the most entertaining vehicles on the entire planet.

[Disclaimer: Morgan loaned me the vehicle for a weekend. It’s not enough time…]

  • That lead image is badass!

  • Number_Six

    Saw three of these on Latiga Canyon a couple of weeks ago. Had never been jealous of another vehicle whilst riding a motorcycle…until that morning.

  • craigsu

    1080p resolution really shows off the details of the machine. Thanks Jeff!

  • Dammit! In the middle of watching that I thought, "Well, my Laverda engine has between 80 and 100 HP… what would a three wheeled car look like with a three cylinder (air cooled!) engine?"

    It's either a good thing or a bad thing that I don't have a lot of money.

  • Serow

    Somebody needs to make an affordable kit based on this concept. A Harley based one would be perfect in America.

  • Neen85

    What is the advantage of the three wheel design? I just cannot imagine this being more fun to drive than a Caterham 7…the caterham is faster to 60, faster to 100 and has more grip by nature of having more contact patch. It is similarly priced to the Morgan and it offers at least some engine protection in a front end collision. Plus, the Caterham is amazing looking while this seems cliche.

    I suppose if you are wanting the image of a spartan WWII motorcyclist and get the "WTF" looks based on the sheer strangeness of it all, you could probably accomplish the same thing while riding a turn-signal-equipped mule in a camo leotard and a bowler cap.

    I am just surprised that it's #1 on your smiles to dollars list.

    • The advantage of a three-wheel design is its transcendent sublimity.

      Oh, and cheaper registration and insurance, along with solo access to carpool lanes, depending upon jurisdiction.

    • Because Morgan is still Morgan and Caterham is no longer Lotus. Because exposed V-twin. Because weird. Because apples. Because oranges.

    • bhtooefr

      Because raw capability doesn't necessarily make a car more fun to drive on the street. Sure, the Caterham is more capable in just about every measure, but that's not everything to a fun street car.

      Compare, say, a stock 1.6 Miata on 195s, and a V8 Miata on 235s. I'll take the 1.6 for beating the crap out of it on the street, thank you very much.

      • Marto

        Because enjoyment is not a number.

        Numbers are never the most important thing in a story, is what the numbers mean.

    • crank_case

      I guess the main advantage would be easy burnouts without an LSD. 😀

      I'd would have to agree with Neen85 on the Caterham vs. Morgan front and not just due to the number of wheels. I'm not sure how Caterham pricing/availability goes stateside, but in the UK/Ireland, a Morgan is massively more expensive than a decent spec Caterham. That's before you start looking at cheaper but still highly credible Seven alternatives like Westfields and Sylvas. There's the track day element too. For me if you have something this extreme, you want to enjoy it on the road, but you want something fun on track too and the Morgan is already looks like it's at the outer limits of grip on road. On track you'd probably experience both under and oversteer instead of satisfyingly hooking in and out of a corner. Relative low grip is fun on track, but you want a car that dances a little, not one that feels like you've ventured onto a skidpan on budget tyres.

      Simply put, The Caterham is an updated 60s experience while the Morgan is an updated 1920s experience! Don't get me wrong, the morgan is wonderful, but it is for the man who already has many toys in his garage and can indulge something totally different. For less well heeled enthusiasts, who want something for both sunday spins and track days, maybe even progressing to amateur motorsport, it's the Caterham I'd have in my garage first without a doubt.

    • Lokisgodhi

      Caterham 7s and all the other Lotus 7 replicas are just begging to be converted into three wheelers. Find a suitable shaft driven motorcycle rear and figure out how to attach it to the 7s frame.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Really nice piece, Jeff! And excellent location scouting. Y'know there's a wacky inventor type somewhere around Monterey, who developed a retro twenties racer car design for informal racing, based around motorcycle engines and wheels, maybe bicycle wheels. Not really licenseable, but they looked like enormous fun. R&T did a spread on them back a ways.

    The Morgan's always struck me as an outgrowth of someone thinking about the stability and practicality that a sidecar gives to a motorcycle, but there's no real need for them to be separate objects. I'm just glad that Morgan can keep thriving.

  • M44Power

    Your best video yet, Jeff. This one is outstanding.

  • MattC

    On the surface, this shouldn't appeal to me. Three wheels/ open top, no real creature comforts. But, what this car does and Morgan does so well in all its offerings is mix old school styling and build techniques with modern engines. As someone who likes the "idea" of a motorcycle but will never own one, the Morgan fits and probably exceed my expectations.

  • BobWellington

    Great video, Jeff!

    Don't be so self-deprecating about your weight, you don't look fat to me (and I weigh 145 pounds). 😛

    Also, I wish I had one of these. It's amazing to me that these are being made today. So cool.

    • I'm not that fat… I just have a spare tire I need to lose.

      I'm 6'3" 220

      • BobWellington

        Heh, I hear ya.

      • Marto

        The Morgan has already lost a tire.

  • Xehpuk

    Does the 3-wheeler have any cargo space for a weekend trip? Or do you have to choose between your woman and your luggage?

  • Abbas

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