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Last Call- Not the German Ford You Were Expecting Edition

Robert Emslie March 6, 2014 Last Call 23 Comments


Back in the 1930s, before associating with Nazis became globally frowned up, the German government established a recognition, known as the Order of the Eagle, or Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler. This was an honorary award given predominately to foreign diplomats and others, who were seen as sympathetic to the Nazi regime. Henry Ford is well known for his… well, let’s just say peculiar business and political ideals, and so it’s probably not surprising that he received the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle from the Nazis on his 75th birthday, making him the first American citizen to do so.  Ford also has the unique distinction of being the only American mentioned by Hitler in his book, Mein Kampf.

By the way, I was originally going to entitle this post Reich and Roll, but I thought some might take offense at that.

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Image source: Rare Historical Photographs

  • wisc47
  • The Trike post got me thinking about my old soap box racer, and wouldn't you know it it's actually on YerTubes! Tadpole on the inside at 1:43 and all alone at 2:45

    [youtube z6WvmrchlFY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6WvmrchlFY youtube]

    It's moped wheels, box tubing and a steel cable pull steering system, it used the moped wheel brake in the rear. We weren't very fast, but sometimes other people were slower.

  • POLAЯ☄Novaload

    Ford, last of the famous Internazional Playboys.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Fair's fair, Stalin also wanted him to set up factories in the USSR. Ford was a worldwide inspiration.

    • Synchromesh

      He did actually. The first GAZ cars were licensed Ford copies.

      By the way, elder Ford's strategies and certain newspapers is another reason why I'm still reluctant to buy anything they make.

  • You can have any color you want, so long as it's white. Wait … that's not quite right.

    • Irishzombieman☆

      /beer out nose

  • Sjalabais

    Gentleman, do you wash your engines? Road salt season is soon coming to a close, and I've never had a car with such a crammed engine compartment, or so many electric gizmos. In Youtube we trust?

    • I think what you want is a steam clean, rather than a detergent under high pressure. You just want to shampoo the salt off everything. Hot water vapor should sweat the salt off without intruding into the 'electric gizmos'.

      I did wash an engine once, to answer your question, but it was a high pressure+detergent attack on 40 years worth of grit and grease. I did that with the engine running and at temperature and backed away if it bogged down. Dreadful things saw the light that day… dreadful things.

    • I do, but try to avoid electronics. If I'm at a carwash, I'll even leave the engine running to alleviate the risk of moisture getting in the ignition system and preventing me from getting home.

      I'm actually more dubious of steam cleaning for it's ability to get moisture into delicate electronic bits.

    • Van_Sarockin

      Most engine bays don't get all that much splash and spray. I'd be much more concerned about getting cleaning water all over your electrical connections, and the possibility of creating shorts and corrosion there. If you're really concerned, then hand cleaning with a rag and some mild cleaner is probably a better way to go, plus you get to do a close visual inspection and can track age and condition of many components. A light coating of oil and dust was the environment your engine was built for.

    • nanoop

      Automatic car wash with bidet mode will do. Then WD40 and a pile of rags.

      I always wondered: if a car wash reuses the water, won't it get more and more salty?

      • Sjalabais

        Same though here. Not to mention all the chemicals amassed – detergents, oil and other goo that sticks to and drips out of motor vehicles. Fortunately, I live in a region with too much water rather than too little, so I don't even think it is recycled around here.

    • BobWellington

      Just don't get a hose anywhere near a Ford Modular V8 unless you like water in the plug wells (learned that the hard way).

      • Sjalabais

        All the way in? More than a noisance…

        • BobWellington

          Well, the water gets under the coil boot and around the plugs. Water will also sometimes get into the cylinder 8 area when it rains really hard. Great design, Ford.

  • nanoop

    Somebody please post that picture and the one with F. Porsche and A. Hitler side by side: history is not bound to repeat, is it!

  • marmer01

    Interesting article from _The Washington Post_ in 1998 about Ford and GM's German subsidiaries before and during WWII: