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2014 Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance

Kamil Kaluski February 27, 2014 Hooniverse Goes To... 14 Comments

2014 Boca Raton Concours

Last weekend was the eight annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance. Held on the grounds of the very posh resort and club, during time when the rest of the country is completely frozen, it drew classic car owners and enthusiasts from thousands of miles away.

Mercedes-Benz was the celebrated brand, but the show also featured microcars, many Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Porsches. Overall there was an interesting mix of cars and every enthusiast would find something to appreciate. There was also an auction and party associated with the show but I did not get to attend those.

Unlike many such shows, this Concours was not overcrowded with neither cars nor people, which was nice. That said, the $50 entry ticket price, $20 parking, and $5 bottles of water may have been the reason for the lack of crowds. There are significant costs in organizing a show like this, but few families are able to spend around $300 to look at some cars.

Click the jump to see a ton of pictures. I was trying to bring the laid-back atmosphere of the show in my pictures, not often seen on formal events such as this, but I don’t know how successful I was. I was also midday and really hot, not ideal picture taking time.

DSC_0574 (Copy)

DSC_0575 (Copy)

DSC_0576 (Copy)

DSC_0577 (Copy)

DSC_0579 (Copy)

DSC_0580 (Copy)

DSC_0581 (Copy)

DSC_0583 (Copy)

DSC_0585 (Copy)

DSC_0586 (Copy)

DSC_0587 (Copy)

DSC_0588 (Copy)

DSC_0589 (Copy)

DSC_0591 (Copy)

DSC_0592 (Copy)

DSC_0593 (Copy)

DSC_0595 (Copy)

DSC_0596 (Copy)

DSC_0597 (Copy)

DSC_0598 (Copy)

DSC_0600 (Copy)

The girl sitting in there was some kind of a model, I think, posing for pictures. She had an incredible body with a few tattoos in all the right places. The car is some kind of super historic Bentley race car that won some race in the 1930’s, or something. 

DSC_0602 (Copy)

DSC_0603 (Copy)

This is was third favorite car there. 

DSC_0605 (Copy)

DSC_0606 (Copy)

DSC_0607 (Copy)

DSC_0608 (Copy)

DSC_0609 (Copy)

DSC_0610 (Copy)

This was my favorite car there. I am sure Bradley knows everything about it.

DSC_0610a (Copy)

DSC_0612 (Copy)

DSC_0613 (Copy)

DSC_0614 (Copy)

DSC_0615 (Copy)

DSC_0616 (Copy)

Micro car- no kiddin’, eh?

DSC_0617 (Copy)

DSC_0618 (Copy)

DSC_0619 (Copy)

DSC_0620 (Copy)

DSC_0621 (Copy)

DSC_0622 (Copy)

DSC_0623 (Copy)

DSC_0624 (Copy)

DSC_0625 (Copy)

He should have taken the ugly Jersey plates off.

DSC_0626 (Copy)

DSC_0628 (Copy)

It was almost 90F. I don’t understand the whole outfit thing.

DSC_0629 (Copy)

DSC_0630 (Copy)

DSC_0631 (Copy)

DSC_0632 (Copy)

DSC_0633 (Copy)

This would have been weekend editor Jim B’s favorite car. 

DSC_0635 (Copy)

DSC_0637 (Copy)

DSC_0638 (Copy)

DSC_0639 (Copy)

DSC_0642 (Copy)

Mister and Missus… This is what Tim and Daisy will look like in eighty years. 

DSC_0643 (Copy)

DSC_0644 (Copy)

DSC_0645 (Copy)

DSC_0646 (Copy)

DSC_0648 (Copy)

DSC_0650 (Copy)

DSC_0651 (Copy)

DSC_0652 (Copy)

This Rolls Royce thing was amazing. 

DSC_0654 (Copy)

DSC_0655 (Copy)


DSC_0658 (Copy)

DSC_0659 (Copy)

Inside of the Rolls Royce thing.

DSC_0660 (Copy)

DSC_0661 (Copy)

DSC_0662 (Copy)

Damn it, lady, out of the picture, you’re ruining it! 

DSC_0663 (Copy)

DSC_0665 (Copy)

DSC_0666 (Copy)

DSC_0667 (Copy)

DSC_0670 (Copy)

DSC_0674 (Copy)

This modern thing was outside the show and it looked awesome.

  [Images copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Kamil Kaluski]