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Hooniverse Asks- What Should the Next Camaro be Like?

Robert Emslie February 21, 2014 Hooniverse Asks 40 Comments


You know, unlike the Mustang, which has been showing up for work every day since sixty-four and half, Chevy’s competing pony has had at least one significant insistence of Camarois Interruptus. In fact for a while there it didn’t seem like the Camaro was ever going to grace dealer lots again.

Still it did, and in doing so it channelled the spirit, if not the literal shape of its first-generation progenitor. That retro-maro has since been on the market, and vying with Ford’s Mustang for pony car sales crown, for five years now. This year saw that car’s mid-cycle refresh which switched out the cool cut-down four-lamp rear lights with generic bricks and the half-circle headlamps with again, something less unique. Yeah, it wasn’t the best fluffing of a half-age model, but it didn’t wreck the car, IMHO.

We now want your opinion on what the next major redesign of the Camaro should entail so that it too doesn’t destroy the marque. If this era’s Camaro channels the heart and soul of the first generation, or ’60s car, should the next emulate the styling of the ’70’s  edition? What do you think, what should the next Camaro be like?

Image source: fanpop

  • A Trans-Am.

  • dukeisduke
    • Sjalabais

      "This guy" is exactly what I see when I hear "Camaro". But…who's the intended target?

    • I Think Not

      "What's this 'ring time" I keep hearin' about? Is that how fast a Camaro owner can down a large order of onion rings at the Sonic after a Friday night TnT down at the strip?"

    • craigsu

      Jeff Gordon: The Early Years. Wow, Brooke really let herself go downhill.

  • GTXcellent

    Under 3000 lbs, shooting brake, 6 speed manual, diesel powered, the only color options are brown or PMY, oh and it should retail for less than $20k – am I doing this right?

    • Vairship

      Don't forget the hydropneumatic suspension!

  • Maymar

    T-Tops. It definitely needs t-tops. Especially after the black plastic bunker interior of the current Camaro, GM needs to let in a bit of light.

    If it weighed quite a bit less, and followed the styling lead of the '70 1/2, I certainly wouldn't object either.

  • OA5599
    • Yes, please but with the small rear window.

      • OA5599

        Of course. It wouldn't be a modern Camaro without limited visibility.

    • Yes. Please.

      Looking at the collage above, I'm surprised to see 3 big chrome bumper and a rubber bumper second gen but no split bumper. Shame on them.

  • obligatory

    [youtube s2yfckjyj98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2yfckjyj98 youtube]

  • Devin

    Whatever it looks like, it would be nice if you could see out of it next time.

    • Tiller188

      Beat me to it.

  • GTXcellent

    Silliness aside, I'd like to see GM completely redesign the Camaro. It should still be a V8 powered, rear wheel drive coupe. But enough of the "retro" look. Go in a whole new direction. I'd even be fine if there were no tributes to any previous models – all new, all wild.

    • Sjalabais

      What about giving the thing a new name, too, then? It would be a surprise if GM went for something lightweight and fresh…the heaviest thing being the V8. It's American, after all.

  • I Think Not

    Things needed:

    – Weight loss — I think we can all agree the 'maro is about 500lb porkier than it needs to be. Use some of that legendary 'Murrican git-r-done to figure out how to make the whole damned thing out of high strength steel, aluminum, and composites without breaking the bank. It will pay off when GM can apply the know-how to other models to trim weight, since pretty much all cars need less mass.
    – Offer the twin-turbo V6 as an option on the base model RS. Call it the RS/TT or something like that.
    – Perhaps design a greenhouse out of which one can actually see the world around. It's one of the biggest criticisms I've heard of the current model.
    – Factory, street legal, drag pack. ZL1 motor, manual valve body TH400, quick disconnect front sway bar, and a 4.10 or better locking rear pumpkin. SFI equipment to satisfy a track marshall for the time/speed it's capable of from the factory. Take it one step further and have a spec drag racing series for the car.

  • They should change the spelling to "Camero" just to mess with people, much as I presume was Ford's motivation for producing the Galaxy after producing the Galaxie.

  • Smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Maybe split bumpers too.

  • Number_Six

    Less retro, less assy, less Tupperware on the dash, less Maginot Line pillbox (as was nicely captured above)

  • What should it be like? Bitchin'.

    • Van_Sarockin

      Only available on the Bahamas Edition*

      *Limited time only. Some restrictions may apply.

      • Free Exxon credit card with a test drive.

    • Irishzombieman☆

      Whoa. I was going to post exactly the same words.
      With slightly different punctuation.

    • OA5599

      That's not a selling point. It's a penalty.

  • I have a sports car wish list (basically a 7/8ths scale Mustang or Camaro), but I'm not sure the Camaro needs to be that.

    The Camaro's identity and customers demand a big engine, automatic, obvious styling and it to be faster than a Mustang when you stomp the go pedal. So…basically the current Camaro with enough updates to seem new.

    What I wish (and what they did a halfway decent job of doing) is that they use the same platform that delivers for the "typical" buyer to build one or more models with legit track cred. I just wish the Z 28 wasn't [googles…] WTF $75!!!!?!?!.

    • pj134

      Yeah, but have you seen how good its tires look? Seriously, they're like yoga pants.

  • Two seater, transverse mid engined, all wheel drive and just as sexy as the first ones. I'm willing to negotiate on the first three.

  • SSurfer321

    It should look like a 1983 Corvette…

  • Newport Pagnell

    Just have Detroit Speed & Engineering build new '69 RS Z/28's with LS7 power. Nobody wants the Euro or current cartoon look.

  • Hopman

    Make it look less like a life-size Hot Wheels! Drop 800 lbs. Give it decent visibility (if you have to put the Moroney tag, the side windows are too small!). Ditch the automatic, and offer something like the "screeming chicken" graphic for the hood. and offer it in black & gold. and offer free lessons in doing "Rockford" turns! and price a V8/manual starting below 24 grand!

  • JOonathan

    I dig the looks of the present. zL1 and even though my first car back in 1976 was a 1969 worked f body convertible I think the 6 6th gen camaro move to a totally n ew styling direction

    I'd like to see a some drafts to choose from I'd like a new radical direction

    I'm disappointed ford did not go further towards the evos concept. I would have bought an evos. Based mustang

    Hopefully camaro designers will reach further(doubtful as the 5th gen has been such a. Sales success)

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