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V.I.S.I.T.: DIY Hypermiler Shames Craig Vetter

While driving across Kansas in the summer of 2012, we passed this eco-streamliner of questionable construction, wearing “Vetter Fuel Challenger” and homemade “136 MPG” declarations on its flimsy flanks. Since it’s impossible to know what motorcycle is underneath the duct-taped bodywork, I can’t say much more about this, but there are three more images after the jump. I just hope he hasn’t been guillotined by that piece at his throat.




  • IronBallsMcG

    Craig Vetter has been a huge advocate for higher mileage by using aerodynamics on motorcycles over the years. His first mileage challenge was in 1980. Pretty interesting guy who does it his own way. http://www.craigvetter.com/pages/470MPG/470MPG%20

  • nate99

    Going off the wheels, I'm going to guess Ninja 250.

    • That was my hunch, too, but I wasn't willing to on the record with that.

  • POLAЯ☄TexanIdiot25

    I think the bike guys finally have Brenda Priddy over a barrel.

  • GTXcellent

    is that…cardboard and duct tape?

  • cruisintime

    There was a guy named Burt that made an Indian motorcycle go real fast.
    Took many attempts to streamline that thing.
    Never laugh at another mans vision.

  • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq


  • Alcology

    Good for that guy! Go get some high mileage. Save me the gas and associated pollutant credits for my classic.

  • Rover1
  • wunno sev

    it sure does look stupid and poorly-built, but i have no doubt it offers significant aerodynamic improvements over the stock bike.

    when you make first-order changes to geometry like that, you can see huge improvements in whatever vehicle you're modifying. sure, maybe he hasn't bondo'd over the rivet heads or smoothed over every seam, but those are all minuscule changes compared to the enormously reduced Cd he's probably enjoying with his arts-and-craft fairings.

    i don't mean to suggest that i would ride that, or that the poor apparent quality is nbd, but i'm sure he's happy with his increased mileage, decreased wind noise, and decreased engine stress.

  • buzzboy7

    How does the engine not overheat? Where is the airflow?

    • Vairship

      Simple, it pulls the air in out of a parallel universe, hence no additional drag in this universe.