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Not the Blasphemous 911 Engine Swap You Expected

Tim Odell February 6, 2014 All Things Hoon 34 Comments

4g63 swapped porsche 911

Porsche purists, ready to have your Jimmies rustled? How about we take an air cooled 911 SC, rip out that silly pancake motor and drop in some real power, sourced from GM Ford Mitsubishi. I suppose the 4G63 dropped in could’ve come from an Eagle Talon or Plymouth Laser, but it’s still the Mitsu motor originally employed in early-80s econoboxes and pickups. And here it is, mounted in the arse-end of a 993 classic 911, claiming to deliver 650hp. Alas, we’re left with almost no info in the video and even google’s drawing a blank. Break your brain trying to figure out what drove someone to do this, then hit the jump and soak in the kinda-speedy launch at the end of the video.

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  1. apfeifer3 says:

    Would love to hear the story behind this. Very cool, but that couldn't has to be one of the most difficult swaps ever.

  2. CoastieLenn says:

    So judging by the engine swap, they wanted to retain ALLLLL the headaches and unreliablity that come along with owning an old Porsche but wanted it to be cheaper to fix.

    Coming from a DSM guy, this swap makes no sense. Maybe "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"?

    To the author- this engine could have come from just about any Mitsu Evolution as well. Lets ensure that the engine gets the credit it deserves. 650hp really isn't unheard of with a 4G63T.

    • buzzboy7 says:

      This motor can make(for a little while at least) 1000hp in the correct trim and with a big enough turbo. I'd love to drive one outside of an eclipse.

    • Mad_Science says:

      It's probably from an Evo, but the history of that motor dates way back. I was kinda going "in character" the way Chevy motor swaps are derided as "truck engine" swaps.

  3. Tanshanomi says:

    Oh, you can't be Sirius.

  4. CeRuLeaNBLu says:

    I keep getting an "Unable to parse URL" message when I try to embed, but here is a video with the owner Eric Plebani.

    And some more info from an article done in Turbo Magazine.

  5. dukeisduke says:

    I'd like to see the complete drivetrain, to see how the power gets to the ground.

    • buzzboy7 says:

      Through the transmission?

      Your question confuses

      • dukeisduke says:

        Oh I mean did they use the stock transaxle, or something else? Do the 911 and Mitsu engines rotate the same direction? That kind of stuff.

        • buzzboy7 says:

          Yes and yes. He says it's the stock transaxle with an adapter plate to mount the Mitsu engine. They do both rotate the same way. Porsche/VW spin clockwise when viewed from the rear.

  6. PotbellyJoe ★★★★☆ says:

    Snap oversteer and crankwalk… Fabulous!

  7. $kaycog says:

    I think your FTW would be better backwards……..WTF.

  8. HaraM3 says:

    That's not a 993. Also, this is awful.

  9. BradleyBrownell says:

    Not a 993.

    I don't mind swaps, and 600+ horsepower is always good. To each their own.

  10. engineerd says:

    The car snob will say, "Why?"

    The hoon will reply, "Why not?"

  11. pj134 says:

    To anyone looking for some history, I'm pretty sure this was filmed at the NAWC in Warminster. There's a centrifuge on the lawn of it that all Project Mercury astronauts took for a spin.

  12. Mad_Science says:

    Fixed the 993 reference, thanks fact checkers.

  13. Jeff says:

    I've either seen that car in person, or there's two Porsche 911s with 4G63 swaps running around. The one I ran into was about 10 years ago in Bucks County, near where my folks live (I was just out of high school at the time), it was a meet of a local car club. All I remember was the car was black, it was a 4G63, and it had a huu-HUUUGE intercooler on top of the engine, so maybe it's the same one. I remember asking the same question, "Why a Mitsubishi engine" and the guy said, "Well, why not?" Couldn't really argue with that.

  14. Steve says:

    You are correct, it's been around a long time.

  15. RyanM says:

    The reason google is drawing a blank is because your embedded link searches for this:

    g4g63 swapped 911

    Remove the g before 4g63 swapped 911 and the internets are literally awash with articles about this specific swap.

  16. yolo says:

    seen this car in person at the october cars and coffee meet in bethlehem. Pretty sweet swap, although it doesn't look like much fun to work on haha.

  17. Plebani says:

    Gents I've built this car 14 years ago, and still drive it as much as I can. There is some great history behind this car and if you search pretty deep, I've swapped this engine into many vehicles (apperenty being the first to do so in many of the projects) 4G63 Mitsu Drag Starion / Conquest which ran 9.4's @ 146mph back in 2000, I've built a 4×4 4g63 mighty max (that's on YouTube somehwere) then the 911 pictures here … Love it or hate it , its a speed junkies dream that does wheelies on the street, pulls bikes on the highway and is light and reliable.

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