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Last Call- Where Did We Park? Edition

Robert Emslie February 6, 2014 Last Call 26 Comments


We use the phrase barn find in the same way we say dial the phone or, roll down the window, even though all of these terms are rapidly becoming relics of the past. That’s too bad because while privately owned farms and barns may no longer be so common as to on occasion provide a treasure trove of automotive delights, the romance of that possibility still remains fresh in the minds of most car enthusiasts.

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Image source: Photorator

  • DemonXanth

    [youtube WXzSZVgQwts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXzSZVgQwts youtube]

    • B72

      Now that was cool!

      Oddly hypnotizing too.

    • I'm watching it for a second time. I have to figure out what that odd timed tappet does. I think it's part of the speed regulator, this seems to be a hit-and-miss engine. Also he disengages that tappet when he shuts the engine off. Interesting story about this engine on the YerTubes page.

      • Sid Troon

        My guess about the third cam and tappet is that they are for the hot-bulb igniter, and that there is a centrifugal governor in the big drum on the end of the auxiliary shaft. There is no spark plug, and I believe this is ignited by the hot piece that he heated up with the torch at the start of the video. This is just a guess, take it for what it's worth.

        • HTWHLS

          That's one of the original designs of the Knutin valve..

      • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

        It must do something about compression, but seems backwards to me. I would expect it to be held open to miss, but instead it's depressed and then soon after a puff of exhaust. So maybe it simply increases compression to what the kerosene needs? Like it's more a piston than valve on the end we can't see?

    • Sjalabais

      Is this an old factory engine? Great sounds, too!

    • I_Borgward

      At 06:00 AM, I can't help but notice how much this engine is akin to my brain: rusty, slow to warm up, hit or miss. Substitute coffee for oil to start.

      (and a very cool video… thanks!)

  • Rover1

    Ran when parked.

  • Garland137

    About a decade ago my grandparents moved to a bigger farm. Buried in their barn was a '57 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The car was bought new by the previous owner for his wife. She got a lot of attention driving it, so he forced her to stop driving it. The car sat for a few years, until it got hit by a tractor, destroying the left rear fender. Sometime after that my grandfather bought the car, put it in the barn, and there it stayed for the next few decades.

    I am now the owner of the car, but I don't have the money to fix it up right now. The car is 100% complete and practically 100% original. Only rust I'm aware of is around the smashed fender.

    • Irishzombieman☆

      That's awesome! Where are the pictures?

    • Sjalabais

      Wow, interesting story! Clearly a different time when getting a lot of attention meant trouble…

      I am surprised at how many "barn finds" or parked for 20/30/40 years cars show up at eg BaT. There is some regularity to it, and they often come with a good story.

  • wisc47

    OT: I know it's not Tuesday, but…
    <img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/85c712ad8ef01ae1edae83482eb5e743/tumblr_mh10voKb1Q1qingbgo1_500.jpg"&gt;
    I couldn't help myself.

    • Love the black pipes & leather(?) seat. Is there a story to go with? Looks awfully appealing right about now.

      • wisc47

        No story, other than I've been looking at inspiration for some day building my own. This is really what I've been wanting: British racing green tank, tan seat, black frame, wheels and mechanicals, and big tires.

        Based on a CB, to boot. Seems like the most reasonable choice seeing as it's cheap, reliable, and a million other people have made a CB Cafe, so parts availability and know-how shouldn't be a problem.

        • It's a great color combo. Couldn't find it with a reverse image search – where'd you find it? Looks too subtle to be one of Carpy's CB750 builds.

          I don't understand the appeal of no front fender. Even if you never ride in the rain, stuff still kicks up. And to my eye, most bikes look unfinished without one. As far as those Firestones… I'll stop now.

          • wisc47

            I Google image searched CB Cafe Racer. Personally I think they look pretty clean without the front fender, but it'd practically speaking it'd be dumb not to have one.

            Same with the Firestones, I personally think they look rad, but they don't make a ton of sense.

            • If nothing else, I live in Seattle. No front fender = even fewer riding days. (And I'd rather ride than clean, so I'd have some sort of rear fender too.)

              • wisc47

                Very true, I don't have an M class license, so I don't know much about motorbikes, but its something I've always wanted to get into. It's easy to get caught up in form over function if you have no riding experience yet (I guess that doesn't make me better than those stance boys).

                • Gotta start someplace, and until you get into it, you won't really know just what's going to appeal most. Motorcycling needs new blood, at least here in the US. At 43, I'm probably just a bit younger than the average rider.

                  I bought my first bike because the price was right (read – CHEAP), and I liked the color (really similar to that green, actually!). Granted, I wasn't looking at heavyweight cruisers and also trials bikes and supersports; since I'd been around bikes for a while courtesy of a close friend & his father – both motorcycle fanatics – I'd had the opportunity to check out a decent range of machines, and had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted.

          • Not to mention that a stock front fender usually acts as a pretty decent fork brace, which nearly all these older bikes desperately need.

    • Those awful Firestones need to die. Again.

      • Nothing good can come from them. I blame Wrenchmonkees.

  • spotty

    mmmmm, appealing for sure,
    no guards so crap sprays off the front wheel all over the rider, crap sprays off the back tyre straight into the bell mouth inlets on the carbs.
    absolutely suicidally crap tyres, no grip, square profile, no cornering ability.
    stock footrest position with clip on handlebars so riding position resembling a crapping frog.
    another two wheeled bloody hipster abortion, can't they stick to running cafes at a loss………..