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Suck it, Porsche – Honda beat you to the powered-targa top punch

Jeff Glucker January 15, 2014 All Things Hoon 7 Comments

del sol transtop

OK, that was a bit harsh… fact is, we love the new Porsche 911 Targa that just debuted at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Still, Porsche isn’t the first automaker to roll out technology like this. Honda used to offer up a Civic Del Sol with a powered targa roof . It was called the TransTop, and it was an optional extra in Japan and parts of Europe.

A mechanism would rise out of the trunk like a determined robot set on capturing your precious targa roof. Once acquired, it would retreat back into the trunk and hug the top safely until you demanded it back. Want to see it in action? Click past the jump.

Thanks SpeedyF40 for sharing the video via Twitter!

  • smokyburnout

    The fabric section of the 991 Targa's roof is permanently attached to the opening mechanism, so I would argue it almost has more in common with a traditional automated convertible roof or even the system Smart uses for their "cabrios"

  • Rover1

    A girlfriend of a friend of mine has one of these and has had it for 6 years now. Why yes, she is a hairdresser, why do you ask? Anyway, the first time I saw the roof unfold I thought, how long is that going to work?
    Well it is a Honda so it still works today the way it has worked nearly every day over the years. Unlike her sisters Peugeot 206 cabrio, which is three years newer and has needed the roof fettling twice
    I hope Porsche can match that reliability.

    • Sjalabais

      Isn't Porsche quite good with reliability? Or is it that old issue with affluent owners who pay well to increase Porsche's reliability stats as a population?

      • nanoop

        Electric 944 roofs brake after 20 years due to some plastic bits drying in the sun – at that age, the current owners don't even pay basic maintenance.
        Sunroof delete cars are sought after in the US though: less weight at the topmost spot, and more space for a helmet.

  • POLAЯ☄NienSlooshboxn

    TransTop sounds like a serious threat of Dangling Participles.

  • dukeisduke

    And I'll bet the TransTop is more reliable.

  • steve

    Who cares porsche is a better car anyway!