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Post-Christmas Let-Down? Get a New 2014 Hooniverse Calendar and Outlook on Life!

Ray Lindenburg December 27, 2013 All Things Hoon, Featured 2 Comments


Well, the Holiday season is just about wrapped up.  A drink or a dozen on a random Tuesday night is all that separates you from another humdrum year.  But – GOOD NEWS – there’s still time to make 2014 a special year – still time to order a Hooniverse Calendar! NOW REDUCED!  Only 10 bucks, because you will already be a little way into that first month.  It’s the least we could do – you still get the full complement of 13 months in the calendar.  Why?  Because we can.


You probably got a cute dog or kitty calendar from that long-lost aunt that really doesn’t know you, or perhaps a Family Circus day-by-day calendar from your well-meaning next door neighbor, but nothing will reflect your refined tastes like a Hooniverse Calendar on your cubicle.  Yeah, you could use your smart phone to figure out what next Wednesday’s date is, but you can’t nail it to the wall – well I guess you could, but don’t blame me when your warranty is voided. 

So bid final adieu to 2013 and move on, people.  It’s the future and we were promised jetpacks, remember?

Order one or a dozen here!

  • Tom Lee

    Here I was going to moan the fact that I wouldn't get a Hoon calendar in time to start the new year (my fault procrastinating), when in the mail today comes a package from that Old Long Roof Fan………
    Spent the next 30 minutes going over the calendar, page by page, sucking up the Hoon vibes, all the while the Barngoddess yelling at me to get ready for dinner…….
    So thanks to the OLRF I now have my calendar. Thanks Bro……

  • it love thanks you