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The 2014 Hooniverse Calendar is HERE!

Ray Lindenburg December 2, 2013 All Things Hoon, Featured 6 Comments


You were probably all paralyzed with fear this Turkey Day weekend – football passed by, turkey passed by, Black Friday came and went, more football passed by, more football passed by, The Walking Dead went on hiatus, you realized it was December already…

Then you awoke this morning to find…

The 2014 Hooniverse Calendar!

And all your fears were laid to rest.  Yes it’s true!  We are back again with awesome photography, witty captions, wacky days of the week and general good tidings.  Get your 2014 Calendar before it’s too late – as in 2015.  Order as many as you want as long as you order at least one.  Remember, the profits from the venture go to fund your favorite website.  So go to the link to see the full preview images and order a baker’s dozen to give to your random cousins like Scott did last year. Oh, and speaking of baker’s dozens – did I mention that there are 13 months in this fine publication?  NO?  How about the fact that it only costs 13 bucks.  The possibilities are endless, my friends.

So go already!

banneradOrder here.

  • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

    Why should I get this year's model, last years is at a discount! Also, did you go with the Men of Hooniverse idea?

    • Hatchtopia

      Last year's model will be kept available in perpetuity just for you. The price will increase starting at the end of this year however, as the collectibility of the model will increase. As far as the Men of Hooniverse idea, the camera fortunately survived the ordeal, but when I tried to upload the shots onto my computer, it promptly burst into flame.

    • Kenwood

      I'd suggest looking for a 2013 on Craigslist or E-bay instead. Let the first guy take the depreciation hit, when he's done with it, scoop in and grab it for a bargain!

  • dukeisduke

    It looks so much better that this year's.

  • TurboBrick

    This year's calender had a misprint, the January 2014 dates were all screwed up. But that's okay. We're not going to mind little things like that or smoldering wiring harnesses.

  • MVEilenstein

    Just a dollar a month, just pennies a day!

    Ordered and done.