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1973 Honda Civic Race Car For Sale
It’s Tiny Car Tuesday!

Tim Odell November 26, 2013 For Sale 11 Comments

1973 honda civic race car for saleOld race cars are so tempting.

Unless they’re famous, they’re crazy cheap. They’ve got the hi-po motors, beefy drive train, brakes and chassis that you’d love to have. This one’s got a motor bumped to 1375cc, dual Webers, upgraded brakes and a limited slip front differential. Why not start with a hardcore stripped exercise in focused minimalism, then add just enough creature comforts to make it livable? 

Why not? Reasons abound: mystery VINs and non-existent titles, beat bodies and components that have been stressed or heat cycled to the brink of failure, to name a few. This particular Honda is 10% like 90% of the way back to being street legal, it’s just up to you to finish the wiring and get it re-titled by the DMV. Luckily, the 1973 year makes it smog exempt, so you’ll just have to explain the different dash and fender VINs to the flexible, easy-going DMV staff. After you replace the heat-cycled tires, that is.

 1973 honda civic race car for sale1973 honda civic race car for sale (2)1973 honda civic race car for sale (4)1973 honda civic race car for sale (5)

Bidding ends today, perfectly timed for an early Xmas present!

eBay Motors – 1973 Honda Civic Race Car for Sale

  • Manic_King

    Well, one could buy 150000 mile, titled, running Miata from the same or even smaller money.

    • Neen85

      Yes but that is not a one-off 1st gen civic race car.

      • Manic_King

        Right you are, but one could have little RWD car with more power, better handling, awesome parts availability etc.
        I just feel that this neglected, quite obscure thing needs to have lower price and still the pool of people who would choose this is fairly small. Shame, really. Price is wrong IMHO.

  • lilpoindexter

    I really, really wanted to like this car…but look carefully under the hood..the throttle return springs are hooked on to a rubber hose (maybe a fuel hose?) or harness of some sort. i doubt this was a racecar of anysort…or if it was whomever patched it up over the years was a hack. i think the best bet would be finding a similar vintage civic and making your own…it would be cheaper.

  • Preludacris

    I like Tiny Tuesdays almost as much as I like the idea of driving this racecar on the road. Can we make it a thing?

    • Quite possibly.

      A little behind the scenes: Tuesdays and Thursdays are my "day" to make sure we've got a fully schedule of properly-edited posts. Despite the fact that the site's over 4 years old, having editors own specific days is a relatively new thing. Anyway, I know nothing about bikes, so I'm unlikely to generate any more Two Wheel Tuesday content myself, so this was the next best thing I could think of.