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Weekend Edition – A low mileage 1970 Plymouth Duster with an unfortunate set of wheels…

Jim Brennan November 24, 2013 For Sale, Weekend Edition 31 Comments

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Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and yes, I am very late in bringing you at least a couple of postings, so give me a break… er, so enjoy the posts. This is a very nice Plymouth Duster that I discovered over at the Brown Car Appreciation Society Facebook Page, and it really is a beauty… well, except for the unfortunate wheel choice. Make the jump, and see if you agree.

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According to the very detailed listing:

1970 Plymouth Duster, “Survivor” (with one repaint). Strong running 225 CID 6 cylinder engine with headers and a 4 barrel carburetor (added). The engine bay is highly detailed and the interior of this car is original and mint! Odometer reads 15,853; miles are believed to be original but are not certified original. This car is in amazing ‘time capsule’ condition with a few tastefully added goodies to enhance performance! This is one great car!

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Features, Options and Accessories:
This car is in amazing condition, open the driver door and the factory buzzer still buzzes away like when car was new. Pop the trunk and it springs opens as new also. Most of the rubber seals and washers are factory original and in new condition. Most impressive are the factory build sheets. The one pictured in this listing was located behind the seat and is in great condition. There is another build sheet still in the car and visible under the passenger side of the dash; it is in excellent condition. The car also comes with it’s original window sticker and car manual. Fact is, the harder one looks at this car the more originality they will see. This car is an amazing find and one would be hard pressed to track down another Duster in this truly outstanding condition!

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225 CID Slant Six -“The Leaning Tower of Power” (nicknamed due to its added 4 barrel carb, Clifford equal length ceramic dipped headers, w/dual exhaust and factory correct chrome tips)
Edelbrock 4 barrel carb
Chrome valve cover
Factory power steering (S77)
Factory air conditioning (H51)
Torsion bar suspension
MOPAR 904 automatic transmission w/shift kit
Stock MOPAR 7 1/4″ rear w/2.94:1 gears

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Interior: (Factory Original Interior!)
Factory Black split bench/bucket seat with high back headrests (D2X9)
Factory padded Black dash; gauges include Fuel, Alt, Oil, Temp
Factory A/C blows cold!
Ignition key warning buzzer
Original date coded seatbelts
Factory Black carpet (C93)
After market factory “MOPAR” style AM/FM radio w/cassette and rear speakers
Factory jack and spare

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Factory Original color-Burnt Tan Metallic (Car is in show condition, it is completely rust free and is simply in outstanding quality condition overall!)
Black vinyl roof-AMAZING factory original condition! (V1X)
Factory chrome bumpers (immaculate as the day the car left the showroom)
All glass is factory original; Tinted windshield (G15)
Body is laser straight; paint is deep rich and scratch free!
Chrome driver side mirror
Wheels/Tires: Budnik chrome 17″ front/rear w/BF Goodrich Comp T/A Radials 245/45 ZR17

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What would really set off this car is a nice set of 15″ Steel Wheels, White Stripe Tires, and a set of Factory Original Wheel Covers. Then this car would be perfect. As a matter of fact, you could sell off those disgusting Budnik Chrome wheels and tires, and probably make a profit. With a few hours to go, the top bid so far is $10,877.77 with an unmet reserve. The Buy-It-Now pricetag is $14,500. Do you think this car is worth that much coin? (I think it’s close) See the eBay listing here: 1970 Plymouth Valiant Duster

  • I hope this enthusiast sized that 4bbl correctly for that 225. They don't talk too much about what CFM they used, and that can make a Duster even more of a slug if done incorrectly.

    And how are those exhaust tips "Factory Correct" if the car wasn't made with a dual exhaust?

    I'd ask for all the original take-off parts and put this thing back the way it was, given it's state. Why ruin such a high level of original equipment with pointless mods? Buy a beater Duster and hop that up.

    (I've been a regular Negative Nelly lately, haven't I? This comment has nothing to do with my blanket dismissal of all things Post-A-Body-Barracuda Mopar.)

    • dukeisduke

      I think the carb needs to be a 425 or 450cfm model. A 390 might be big enough.

    • If one factory correct tip is good, a pair of 'em on non-standard issue exhaust must be doubleplusgood, right?

      See also: Craigslist Creative Writing 201 (never acknowledge discrepancies within your own ad)

  • Hank

    Shame about the wheels. The original Mopar sport wheels were actually VERY good looking pieces.

  • dukeisduke

    "…with a few tastefully added goodies…"


  • waste of time

    I guess there is really no point in visiting hooniverse anymore, I'll just look at 'brown car club' or whatever that crap is called. Way to get really, really lazy guys………

    • Great, constructive criticism is appreciated at the 'verse.

      Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Or do; it makes no difference to anyone here.

    • twizzler

      Your comment is right on the money. The last 4 out of 5 articles are all taken from the "brown car snugglers society". How can anyone say that isn't being lazy? I'm with you on this one.

      • Preludacris

        It's the weekend. I think that's enough said.

      • the_corrector

        You are incorrect about 4 out of 5 articles being lifted from 'brown cars', it is actually 5 out of 6, I counted.

    • Aw, are you wearing your grumpy pants?

      Here's something I found for you on the Brown Waahmbulance Appreciation Society home page

      <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3A45Yi_FGus/THHDEVqC43I/AAAAAAAAAWA/JUkqZRYClrE/s1600/IMG_0446.JPG&quot; width=400>

      It's got a supercharger so you can listen to it whine. Buh-Bye!

    • browntown

      Please post more articles about brown cars, as there are no 'sites available to view them, Oh, wait, there is a site and hooniverse is relying on them heavily for content, Nevermind, I'll just check out that other site…..

    • Teddy R

      Please reconfigure Jim Brennan's browser so that he can no longer access BrownCarSociety's content. Thank You on behalf of everyone.

      • poundpuppy

        Exactly Teddy, it's too funny to see that all the regulars/editors are crying their eyes out about this. No one here will ever admit that what was once a good site is now sucking fumes by letting the Jim Brennens keep dipping from the same well over and over (in the same 48 hour period, no less !) Maybe Jim has something to do with Brown Cars? Hmmm, I wonder….in any case, the hoons who think you are out of line should be ashamed. Im ashamed for them.

        • Sjalabais

          C'mon guys, "shame", seriously? This is not the UN security council, it's a car blog.

          That said, I find it hard to swallow the heavy reaction to some minor critique of this weekend's special.

    • topdeadcentre

      What is the sound of one hand clapping? A sockpuppet.

    • Generally, the quality of the commenting on Hooniverse makes a big difference. Of course, there are exceptions…

  • scoudude

    Those wheels are not as bad as many that are seen disgracing classics.

    I'm having a hard time believing it has only 18K miles.

    If it was really 18K miles then it is a shame that they did all of those modifications to it and repainted it.

  • NotJustDucky

    "Fact is, the harder one looks at this car the more originality they will see."

    Yeah, you have to look pretty hard to see past those wheels.

    "225 CID Slant Six -”The Leaning Tower of Power” (nicknamed due to [added stuff])"

    No, that's just what the Slant Six has been nicknamed since forever.

  • OnlyTheTruth

    I would buy it! Great surviour. Would make a great daily driver, yes even with those wheels. Which as said above sertainly aren't as bad as some I have seen even on this site.

  • Looking at the previous post it occurs to me how awesome a Duster Shooting Brake would be.

    That said, it blows my mind that any Duster would reach five figures. Back in the day, my girl sold a tired but functional driver for $25 and I didn't feel a twinge of regret.

  • racer139

    Yep those wheels are unfortunate but… In the period that they (the wheels) where popular there wasnt much of anything any better looking avaliable to upgrade to a larger wheel. Nowaday though foose makes a nice mopar rally style wheel that would fit this cars stance and look a touch more correct.

  • racer139

    It didnt post the last paragraph I wrote..
    I would buy one a bit more shabby and stick a newer hemi and six speed in it. Maybe the brakes and front seats as well. And add the aformentioned foose wheels.

  • It went for $11,100

  • Sjalabais

    Sold for almost exactly the same price as the Polara wagon. Is there something like a brown car roof?

    I have to say though, this shade is perfect! It fits the design of the car very well, shading into dark orange at the back etc. If brown is a choice, this one is excellent.

  • calzonegolem

    I don't have a problem with these wheels and I 'm not afraid to post that on the internet!

  • ascandiuzzi
  • PushrodRWD

    The wheels are a small aesthetic price to pay for someone caring about the car and keeping it. The big problem is the clash between the general understated car and the funkiness of the wheels. Keeping the 225, bench seats and original color is commendable. It wouldn’t take much to put it back to stock and drive it for 100k miles (if you lived in an area without road salt or wasn’t near the ocean). Given the general lack of interest in the drive line it will probably be bought by someone looking for a straight body to put a big V8 in it, paint it something a bit flashier and drag/cruise it. I usually a fan of the resto-mod scene but aside from the wheels and intake it seems so clean that it would be a shame to mess with this one too much. It would probably stand out in a crowd of yellow, green and purple just because it is so plain.

    • JayP2112

      Right. The wheels aren't a big deal. There's enough reps and steelies that'll fit the bill.
      Sell these chromies on Ebay to someome with a minitruck cabro restoration and make some scratch back!

  • The wheels are perhaps an inch to big in diameter and of questionable style, but the width, offset and stance are spot on in my book. Torque-Thrusts are over done, but something more in that style would look quite nice.

    The tone of the ad matches the caps and exclamation point laden ad for the recent brown Corvette – everything is astounding and perfect. Those ads immediately turn me off and make me suspect that there's something to hide somewhere. If everything you sell is so completely out of the ordinary and over the top, you're either the best finder-of-the-special or you're full of horse hockey. I'm betting on the latter.

  • tonyola

    I would like this more if it had a more congenial vinyl roof, life a front half-roof. The one on this car spoils the lines. No vinyl would be even better.