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Weekend Edition – How About some AMC Iron that’s For Sale, Courtesy of the AMCRC…

Jim Brennan November 17, 2013 For Sale, Weekend Edition 18 Comments

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This is the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I thought i would start out with a few AMC cars for sale through the AMC Rambler Club website. We all seem to love AMC and Rambler cars, so get ready to see what is currently offered, and then ask yourself this: Could I really see myself in a Rambler?

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115540 AM.bmp

The first car I am going to highlight is this 1958 Rambler Super Six 4-Door Sedan. According to the listing:

1958 Rambler Six Super 4dr. With only 61,000 miles, all new paint, carpets, headliner, door panels, tires, rebuilt head, and a detailed motor compartment, this is probably the cleanest in the country. It has a push button automatic trans. If you’re looking for one, might want to buy this solid, rust-free California Rambler.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115556 AM.bmp

No asking price, so just go here to see the original listing.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115608 AM.bmp

Next up we have this exceeding rare 1961 Rambler American, with only 15,000 Miles! According to the listing:

1961 Rambler American 4dr, 15,700 original miles, flathead 6 / AT. Always starts right up. This car is a true survivor. It received a quickie paint job at some point in its original tan color. Very good interior, seats, headliner. A radio-delete car. NO rust above OR underneath! Again, this is a very clean car. A Muncie, IN, schoolteacher named Elizabeth Singer bought it new when she was about age 60. She drove it until a few years before she passed away in her 90s. I believe I am the 3rd owner. The 2nd owner got the car from Mrs. Singer’s estate, I believe, and almost never drove it. I replaced the fuel pump, thermostat and ORIGINAL tires, and the car was good for the road. (The day after I got the car last year, I lost a huge chunk of tread from the old 1961 dry-rotted tires as I drove across a grocery store parking lot!). I hope someone buys this car who has a true appreciation for her character. I have owned the car about a year and planned on keeping her longer, but with a wife and three kids, I have bills come along that “encourage” me to sell any hobby car I acquire (and I lack sufficient garage space).

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115622 AM.bmp

Asking price is $3,995 for what is probably the nicest original Rambler American in the country. See the Listing here.

Here is a 1961 Rambler Classic that has been in the same family since it was first delivered new. According to the listing:

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115631 AM.bmp

1961 Rambler Classic 4dr. Three-on-the-tree / 196 cast iron 6cyl. 30,320 miles, all original, unrestored. My grandfather ordered it in May of 1961. I have the paperwork. I have owned it for the last 25 yrs.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115635 AM.bmp

Asking price for this all original Rambler is $7.900. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115645 AM.bmp

How about another 1961 Rambler 4-door? According to the listing:

1961 Rambler Classic 4dr (Walter), 196 cid cast iron / 3sp. Original upholstery, paint has been touched up here and there. Car is in good shape, everything works, good driver.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115657 AM.bmp

This 1961 is a little more reasonable than the one above, and is offered at $3,500. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115715 AM.bmp

Here is a 1962 Rambler Ambassador from Texas, and according to the listing:

1962 Rambler Ambassador 400. Factory AC and 5.3L (327) 250 hp V8 / pushbutton AT. 63,000 original miles. New tires, Carter fuel pump as well as new Holley 2bbl carb. Very straight body, all original west Texas car. Currently driven weekly, but nowhere to store safely. Have shop manual for the car as well. Car runs good, AC needs charging. Radio still works. Original color has been repainted. Located in West Texas.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115726 AM.bmp

Asking price for the top-O-de-line Rambler is $5,500. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115740 AM.bmp

How about a 1962 Rambler American Convertible? According to the listing:

1962 Rambler American 400 convertible. Beautiful white with white top. Interior is white with black trim & updated gray vinyl seats. Whitewall tires look great with spinner wheelcovers. Brightwork is bright; glass is good. Paint has a few dings but nothing major. Engine is the 196 ohv workhorse; transmission is E-Stick three-speed. In the last three years fuel pump & carburetor have been replaced, new upper trunnions installed, steering gearbox and steering column rebuilt. Convertible top has new hydraulic pump and rams. An AMC Technical Service Manual and two correct outside rear view mirrors come with the car. Mirrors should be rechromed before being installed. The car is a half-century old so it has accumulated the usual rattles, squeaks and leaks. Blows a little black smoke at the stop signs. Gauges and warning lights work but fuel gauge is erratic. Heater and wipers need attention. Slit about an inch long on the top should be repaired. A happy, reliable little car we bought to go cruising on the weekends. Since my wife died, I’ve kind of lost interest in it. Time to pass it on to somebody else.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115745 AM.bmp

Pity about the non stock interior, and with all of its faults, the asking price of $7,000 seems a bit steep. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115755 AM.bmp

Here is a 1962 Rambler Classic Custom 4-door, and according to the listing:

1962 Rambler Classic Custom 4dr. 10,000 Miles, completely restored & road worthy. Radial tires, AM/FM radio, quartz clock. This car has been a trophy winner for quite a few years. It was the Aug 1994 AMCRC calendar car, and most recently won a People’s Choice Award at the Ohio American Motors Classics Chapter 10th Annual Ed Anderson AMCRC Regional Meet in Dayton, OH, in Sept of 2010. The ride is smooth, and anywhere we take it people compliment us on the car.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115758 AM.bmp

Asking price is $5,500 or best offer. Looks great, so take a look at the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115810 AM.bmp

Here is a 1965 AMC Ambassador Convertible, and according to the listing:

1965 Rambler Ambassador 990 convertible, one of only 3,499 made in 1965. Very good condition, runs great, restored in 1988. Purchased from second owner in 1996, never driven in winter. 60,884 miles, no rust, top in great shape, some interior wear, drives like a dream. Great parade care, 327 V8 / AT, wheel spinners, vin: H321302. Located in Sackets Harbor NY.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115814 AM.bmp

Asking price for this great convertible is $11,800, or best offer. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115823 AM.bmp

This is a 1965 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible, and according to the listing:

1965 Rambler Classic 770 convertible. This low mileage car is in museum-level condition and is the best Rambler I have ever seen. The car has the I-6 232 seven main bearing engine with 3sp / overdrive, so it is very quiet going down the road. Everything works: original radio, clock, top, everything. The chrome and paint are excellent. I bought the car many years ago from a member of the family that bought it new. That person, a mechanic, did some credible work on the car and had it professionally repainted. The car would be an excellent investment for someone.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115835 AM.bmp

A very nice looking car, with an asking price of $9,500, which I think is a good value. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115908 AM.bmp

Another convertible, this time it’s a 1966 Ambassador, and according to the listing:

1966 AMC Ambassador convertible. 67,000 miles, PS, factory AC, AM/FM, tilt wheel, PW, front power disc brakes, power top and AMC 327 4 barrel. Has new carpet in car and trunk, new top. Comes with a few extra parts, service manual, & warranty book.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115921 AM.bmp

Asking price for this fine Ambassador is $11,000. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115945 AM.bmp

Here is a 1966 Rambler Classic 2-Door Sedan, and according to the listing:

1966 Rambler Classic 2dr sedan. 232 six / 3sp, only 63,000 original miles. Great on gas, interior is beautiful. Awesome hidden stereo, chrome inside is beautiful. Original paperwork, new tires.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 115958 AM.bmp

Asking price for this well kept Rambler is $9,000. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120044 PM.bmp

Another 1966, this time a Rambler Classic 770 4-Door. According to the listing:

1966 Rambler Classic 770 4dr. She is my baby and I have been in the process of fixing her up for the last couple of years. We have had the carburetor & radiator rebuilt as well as a new thermostat & battery put in. This was a project car for my dad and me, then he passed away. I recently married a soldier. We will be moving around a lot and can’t take her with. She runs beautifully and sure looks pretty. She will need quite a bit of love, but that part is purely cosmetic since I have fixed her up to run well first. She has all of the original details, such as the Rambler seatbelts, upholstery, steering wheel, classic keys, and owner’s manual. You will love her fun little quirks, like the triangle window corners, AM radio, & remote outside mirror. She has 52,880 miles on her and a deep trunk with a spare tire.

The funds I raise with selling my beauty will be put towards buying my husband his dream motorcycle as a surprise when he returns home from Afghanistan next month. So excited! Can send more photos upon request!

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120051 PM.bmp

Asking price is $6,000. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120059 PM.bmp

Here is a 1969 Ambassador Wagon, and according to the listing:

1969 AMC Ambassador DPL 4dr station wagon. 235 HP, 343 V8, 2–barrel carburetor, AT, AC, PS, PB. Color is Willow Green. Single family owned since new (father in law bought NEW and was the only daily driver). All original with newly professional rebuilt transmission, new brakes (shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, booster, hoses), new radiator, new tires, battery, complete tune up, etc. Interior is a strong #3 condition and exterior is about #3, a few dents and light rust on rear quarter panel and tail gate, AC not working. Looks and drives good. 124,000 miles.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120111 PM.bmp

Asking price for this wagon is $5,500, which seems just a bit high. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120121 PM.bmp

We are now starting to get into the more modern AMC hardware with this 1973 Hornet Hatchback. According to the listing:

1973 Hornet hatchback. 1973 AMC Hornet 2dr hatchback. 232 / AT. PS, factory working AC, AM (needs repair), drum brakes. Rust-free, solid, garage-kept & pampered all of its life. I purchased this car from the man who bought it from the original owner’s sister. She said that the Hornet had never left Florida. Odometer is showing 48,500. It has been our locally-driven daily driver and has never let us down. I have done numerous mechanical upgrades and have all repair and maintenance receipts. Soonafter I bought the Hornet, I found an excellent original front bumper and an excellent original rear bumper and put them on the Hornet because they didn’t have any bumper stickers on them…now, the ORIGINAL front and rear bumpers also in excellent condition with their original vintage bumper stickers, are back on the car. The original paint, copper tan metallic w/ white roof, and original black pinstripe are still quite striking and well-preserved. It still has an age-weathered, George McGovern 1972 campaign sticker on the rear bumper, and an original ‘Walt Disney World Florida’ early-mid 70s sticker on the front bumper. The dash is excellent with no cracks, as are the door and rear quarter interior panels, interior trim, & headliner. All are well-preserved, as is the cargo area. The carpet is dried out, and age & heat have taken its toll on the seats – they will have to be redone. Chrome and glass are nice. Steering wheel is showing some wear, but an NOS replacement will go with the car. The backside of the rear fold-down seat and the cargo floor are factory natural real wood. I was told that in 1974 – 1977 wood was replaced with metal flooring. It has a small roof dent and a small left front fender dent, each about 1” long and not all that visible. Built in Canada in late 1972. This is a fine survivor worthy of taking to the next level or enjoying as is. Clear CA title.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120134 PM.bmp

So much character, at an asking price of $6,500. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120152 PM.bmp

This is an incredible find, a 1974 Matador Coupe Brougham… According to the listing:

1974 AMC Matador Coupe Brougham. 304 / AT with dual exhaust. Incredibly low 18,000 actual miles. Car has factory AC and AM / FM radio plus tilt wheel and cruise control. Original paint and interior, always garaged. Seat needs repair. A survivor!

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120202 PM.bmp

With so few miles, the asking price of $7,500 seems reasonable, but what do you think? See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120215 PM.bmp

Here is a 1978 AMC Concord Hatchback, the spiritual successor to the Hornet. According to the listing:

1978 AMC Concord Hatchback. This is a rare car with X-package features, 258 six with headers and dual exhaust, and Holley four barrel carb. The paint is only 4 years old and done in the original colors and scheme. Mileage is low with only 37,000 miles registered. The interior is very nice and all original. The car has factory AC and AM / FM radio. This car runs and sounds like a V8, has lots of pep and is fun to drive. Aluminum slot wheels are not included. Car is sold with original rally wheels.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120226 PM.bmp

Asking price for this beautiful brown Concord is $7,500. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120234 PM.bmp

This is a 1979 Concord Wagon, and according to the listing:

1979 AMC Concord wagon. 27,000 miles: “DL” package, red w/ wood grain, luggage rack w/ rear spoiler, painted wheel covers, rear window defroster, tilt wheel, PS, AT, AC, AM, quartz clock, matching floor mats. This is not a “barn find”, this car has spent its time garaged. The only thing it needs is a ribbon on it to give it to Mom for Christmas. Everything is in like new working condition. Have more photos.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120245 PM.bmp

Asking price for this wagon is a very reasonable $5,500. See the listing here.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120301 PM.bmp

Last one, and this is a 1981 Concord Limited 2-door. According to the listing:

1981 Concord Limited 2dr. 258 6cyl / AT. This car is fully loaded including dual 6 way power seats – leather, of course, plus power windows, locks, etc. It has fully-charged air conditioning that works awesome. It has no rust and has not been in any accidents. The paint just shines. It is an awesome survivor car with 90,000 miles on it. It has new tires, brakes, exhaust, timing chain, etc., and is nicely detailed under the hood. This car is an excellent collector and gets lots of looks at car shows.

Fullscreen capture 11172013 120309 PM.bmp

Price is undisclosed, but you can see the listing here.

So why not let me know what you think of all of these cars… and while you’re at it, browse the AMC Rambler Club pages by clicking here.

  • Sjalabais

    What a sweet selection. Being not to familiar with AMC, I see lots of other cars/influences here. The '58 reminds me a bit of a Mercedes Heckflosse:
    <img src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2616/3840157681_efe6a923e8_z.jpg&quot; width="600">

    The '66 has a touch of Opel Commodore with it. Didn't find the right model and looking for it on the cell is a pita, but you get the idea:

    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/Opel_Commodore_A_rear_20080126.jpg&quot; width="600">

  • Joe Dunlap

    66 2door. Vacuum wipers FTL :-(. Looks like the 65 convertible got the upgrade to electrics :-). And the 78 Concord still had the same awful brittle plastic trim from the 73 Hornet inside that would squeek like fingernails on a chalkboard. The good old days werent always so great. Oh, and did I mention the Hornets manual steering gearbox with 5.3 turns lock to lock? P/S (3.5 turns) wasnt just an option you wanted, it was a life and death need!

    • dukeisduke

      Yeah, that's one thing I didn't miss about our '66 American – vacuum wipers. And the steering on our American? Six-and-a-half turns lock-to-lock. But, I passed the parallel parking exercise on my driving test, even though I'd never parallel parked the Rambler.

      • Joe Dunlap

        Dont know about your American, but the Hornet was not only slow, it was still heavy. If the car was sitting still, it still required a lot of arm strength to turn, probably due to the small wheel. 13" diameter as I recall, but I could be wrong.

        • dukeisduke

          The American had a larger diameter wheel, but it was heavy if the car was stationary. No power steering or brakes, just automatic, a/c, and AM pushbutton radio. It was a 440, so the higher level trim.

          • dukeisduke

            Oh, and the 232 2-barrel.

  • Andy

    Heavy on the Assador… Beeeewiip!

  • Joe Dunlap

    True story regarding a Matador. 1973/74 I was working as an apprentice tech at an AMC dealership. A new Matador with a 360 arrived and after the PDI I road tested it, and found it had a bad surge cruising at 55-65. Brought it back to the shop, mentor started playing with ignition timing, carburetor idle jets, even pulled the top off the 4 barrel and tried drilling the mains out a bit, all to no avail. (Highly illegal in Ca. even in 74) Ordered a new carb, still no joy. Finally the factory rep came out to look at the car. (old guy, probably in his late 70s) Without even driving or looking at the car, he has me, the apprentice, remove the carb from the manifold. "Now, look down in there son," he says to me, " See those 2 large holes in the bottom of the manifold?" I peer down into the manifold and see 2 holes, side by side, about the size of a nickel. "Yes sir, I do", I replied. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple of small tapered corks, looking like they had just been pulled from a couple of bottles of wine, and says, " Get a mallet, and drive these into those holes, and your problem is solved." I proceeded as directed, refitted the carburetor, and drove the car. Not only was the surge gone, but the car accelerated better and had markedly improved throttle response. What he had me do was plug off the EGR ports, effectively negating the system. When I asked him how long it would last, his reply was, "Oh, I dont know. At least till it's sold." Factory fix. And people wonder why the company went out of business.

    • Sjalabais

      Sad beauty. Looks like a sci-fi car still, ready to fold in the wheels and fly off.

  • cruisintime

    Some sweet old Ramblers for a Sunday afternoon. All is well………….

  • Electric Eddie

    AMC – Soviet cold-war designs, reliability of British Sports cars, quality of the Yugo all rolled into one!

  • Mike C

    It was beer-thirty at AMC all day long. A good WI company! Just keep glue handy to reinstall falling off trim and the occasional head gasket for the 6 and you are good to go.

  • Mike C

    Used to go to the L & M Tavern on weekday mornings with my Grandpa in his then new 65 Classic baby blue 4 door. He'd be hitting the 6/three-on-the-tree pretty good on the way home, usually about 60 in a 25 zone. Then time for afternoon nap.

  • marmer01

    I want them all. Seriously, I can't decide. Probably something to do with growing up from birth to college with a '62 Classic.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    I can't help but post this:

    [youtube bMErG-idop4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMErG-idop4 youtube]

    This said, I had a '66 660 wagon for a time in 1986. It wasn't a particularly good car. Though this example was very, very clean, albeit with very faded OEM bluish-green paint, but my God, was it slow.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      Hmmm…can't edit.

      I will admit a weakness for the mid-70's Matador coupe and Ambassador. That, and I'd still consider an Eagle wagon for winter duty, if I lived where there is snow (will be back, someday, but will likely still have the Grand Cherokee 5.9L (AMC-ish, genetically…kinda)).

  • cap’n fast

    the matador is the specific reason the car shredder was invented. terminate with extreme violence.