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Hooniverse Marketplace: 1986 Skoda Rapid with Parts Car

Skoda Rapid for saleŠkoda Rapid? Yes, a Škoda Rapid (we had to look it up, too). For those too lazy to click through to wikipedia, the Rapid was a two-door fastback based on the Škoda 130 Sedan. With its rear-engine, rear-drive configuration, it was described as a poor man’s Porsche. That’s particularly accurate if you consider the power outputs of early 356s.

Anyway, onto Lowell (or “faberferrum” as you know him)’s Skoda. Actually Skodas, plural. He’s  got this great-running 1986 model and a mostly complete, but terminally rusty parts car to go with it, asking $1500 for the pair in his ad on kijiji. More info after the jump:

In his own words:

I’m selling a pair of Skoda Rapid coupes, the good one is a 1986, the other is a parts car.  I also have several boxes of spares.  There’s also a rear window louver, and a ‘Surprising Skoda’ windshield banner, both uninstalled, to gussy it up in true eighties style.

There’s no radio, but I just got the heater working good this weekend.  A while back I replaced the heater hoses, which run the length of the car – 8 ft long, the both of them!  I’ve welded up the rust in the floors, still is a bit to do on the driver’s rocker panel.  The carpets literally turn to dust when I touch them, so I didn’t bother putting them back in, but kept them for patterns.  Runs great, I drove it all summer.

Has a Weber carburetor, recently gone through and tuned up.  New spark plugs and wires, new air filter, battery is only 1 year old.  Has a removable moonroof, makes the cabin light and airy. Oil change last week.  Tires are good, two winter tires on the front, two new motomaster tires on the back.  Paint is cracked here and there.

Comes with another Rapid parts car, already fitted with a tow bar for easy moving. 

Dead simple to work on, comes with a Haynes manual.

I have a set of basically new studded Hankook iPikes I could throw in for the right deal.

The biggest catch aside from it being two Škodas? He’s located waaaay up north in rural Saskatchewan. Still, he’s motivated to move them, and what would be a cooler (literally) roadtrip that driving a Škoda towing another Škoda from Saskatchewan? If you’re interested, hit him up via his kijiji ad or at faberferrum@hotmail.com.

  • Sjalabais

    What a bargain on a weird classic! My parents had the four door before the iron curtain came down. One of the earliest pictures of me with a car is a diaper change up front in the Škoda.

  • I want it just for the side opening hood.

    • tonyola

      For consistency's sake, the sunroof should open sideways as well.

      • dukeisduke

        (slaps forehead)

      • Sjalabais

        These cars do sideways very easily, too.

    • Is it still a hood when there's no engine under there? I just don't know!

      • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

        Maybe it's klapka, or are does that mean dentures in Czech? I think that is klapacki, or wait that's Slovak, right? I always get them confused, then suddenly I'm not the only one confused.

  • How is that I am learning of this just now… and having just spent more money on a different, slightly less exciting car?

    Tim, you're fired.

  • How is that I am learning of this just now… and having just spent more money on a different, slightly less exciting car?

    • faberferrum

      What did you pick up?

  • OA5599

    "Comes with another Rapid parts car, already fitted with a tow bar for easy moving. "

    Comes with another Rapid parts Lemons IOE contender car, already fitted with a tow bar for easy moving.

    • Zaxbys

      I like the way you think. However, I'm not sure I'd want to be on your Lemons team…

      • I share your concern that 1986 is a bit on the new side. Still, might be worth it for a Škoda.

        • Zaxbys

          I'm surprised: One would think your issue with the Skoda is that it's too big…

          • True, the engine is excessive, but the car itself is only about six inches longer and one inch wider than my current LeMons racer. Still probably worth it.

            • Sjalabais

              World first, decades after production ended: "Excessive" it is! Certainly no guiding light for capitalist car makers.

  • wisc47

    Skoda Rapid rally car, anyone?
    <img src="http://www.rally-mania.cz/fotogalerie/2009/579/579_vrba__bucha_d5983b7df2.jpg&quot; width="700">

  • dean bigglesworth

    No… No NO NO NO!

    A relative had a 120 Sedan in that shade of beige and it was absolutely terrifying at anything approaching highway speeds.

    I remember sitting in the backseat as a kid, poking at the flaky doors wondering how on earth they haven't fallen off yet; listening to the noise generator from hell groan in protest with every prod of the throttle. The only thing between me and certain doom was something I'm fairly certain was a piece soggy Czechoslovakian cardboard and a thin layer of some mysterious felt-like substance.


    • OA5599

      You realize you're posting on Hooniverse instead of Consumer Reports, right? Those are selling points here.

      Or are you trying to scare off buyers until you can raise $1500 to buy it yourself?

    • 993cc

      The Rapid had a different rear suspension (semi-trailing arms instead of swing axels) and disk brakes in front. Might be less terrifying. But maybe not.

  • <img src="http://tanshanomi.com/temp/AshamedPuppy-IWouldRockThat.jpg"&gt;
    I know you're all getting sick of me posting this image. Frankly, I am too.
    But hey, I can't help it. Facts are facts.

  • JayP2112

    Did old Skodas come from the factory dirty?
    I don't think I've seen a clean one.

    • faberferrum

      It lives 20 km off the pavement. Conveniently, it's painted the same shade of tan as the dust on our grid road, ha ha

      • Sjalabais

        How does the interior react to high pressure cleaning?

        • faberferrum

          Probably pretty good, what with no carpets, rubber mats, and a few holes in the floor I missed welding up ha ha

  • Devin

    That's only 2.5 hours from my house! Though I don't have the space for Skodas at the moment.

  • dukeisduke

    What's with the grille and the front bumper? I'm reminded of those cartoons where someone is tied down on the conveyer, headed for the giant saw. Where's Dudley Do-Right?

    <img src="http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/NN4v5-Z_TR8/hqdefault.jpg"&gt;

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    These rear engined Skodas were actually popular rally cars in the 70s and 80s. They were also the butt of jokes such as "Why do Skodas have heated rear windows? To keep the owner's hands warm while he's pushing it."

    • faberferrum

      Lol. The Skoda factory team won their class in the RAC Rally for 17 years in a row!

  • Manic_King

    Not once have occurred to me that someone sells studded tires outside N & NE Europe where whining of pro-ban campaigners is more or less yearly phenomenon probably in every country. You learn something new every day in Hooniverse…..

  • I would love any car called a Rabid.

  • Synchromesh

    When I was in St. Petersburg recently I saw one of those Skoda sedans. It looked a bit dilapidated with a proper dirty orangish color. My uncle couldn't believe it's rear-engined!

  • JayP2112

    $1500… if those were closer, this would make a great car for the kid.
    School parking lot…
    Mercedes, Mustang, BMW, BroTruck,…. Skoda.

  • TurboBrick

    Nice Skorsche! So if these were sold new in Canada, can this be registered in the US?

    • Maymar

      I'd assume being over 25 years old, it'd be fine either way.

      • You're right, it's the age that matters. Canadian roadworthiness doesn't, of itself, help. It's frequently easier to bring a Canadian-spec car into compliance with US standards than it is a car designed for other jurisdictions, but it still must either comply or be over 25 years old.

  • Maymar

    Regina area isn't way up north! Even Saskatoon isn't way up north. I'm not even sure Prince Albert counts as way up north, and that's as far up as I've gone. I think you'd have to cross the border and get up to Fort Mac before you could claim to be way up north.

    Also, I appreciate the mention of the tan colouring hiding the dust – I was astounded at just how dusty Saskatchewan is.

    Lastly, if this is still for sale in a year or two, consider me interested.

    • faberferrum

      I laughed when I read that too. I'm only 3 hours from the border!

  • Peter

    I have just bought a 33000 mile 1981 Skoda Rapid as good as new!
    The reason is that I lived in Slovakia for two years an was amazed that every one put their fancy cars away and drive the only car that would go up the snow covered hills.
    I'm from England and love older cars, we've got lots!

  • Automatische
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  • OttoNobedder

    I like the hi-tech Grease Cup for lubricating the water pump! Like a 1920’s Farm tractor.