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VIDEO: Abandoned Brazilian Volkswagen Dealership

Kamil Kaluski November 1, 2013 Hoonivercinema 25 Comments

VW dealership

This is video about an abandoned Brazilian Volkswagen dealership. I don’t know the details because the video is in Portuguese and I was not able to find any background information on it. But none of that matters, because the video tells a story in itself. It conveys that story in a way that does not need translation – just watch it, even muted, it’s worth it.

[Source: YouTube]


  • cruisintime

    Looks more like it is closed for the weekend.

  • MVEilenstein

    I'll wait for Brazilian Reporter to chime in. Still, great video. Thanks for sharing.

    Untouched since 2001?

    • Mike

      More like touched daily since 2001.

  • Piston Slap Yo Mama

    Simply click the CC button on the video, select "English". Voila, it's not a mystery anymore.

    • MVEilenstein

      That takes all the fun out of it.

      • Ed Kim

        Not really. It's a pretty remarkable story.

    • My Hooniverse-issued computer would not let me do that. Damn you Internet Explorer 4.0!!

  • Manic_King

    Sitting whole days in dealership? Yeah, that guy kinda should move on with his life…..or maybe not if this all gives peace of mind to him. Got shafted by the VW, but still drives Quantum? I wouldn't.

  • Eric Santos

    It's about this old man, who became partner with VW in 1974, and he used to sell 25 cars a month. But, in 2001, VW demanded that ALL dealerships with less than 60 sales per month had to be shut down. Otmar, the dealership owner, was ruined. He couldn't sell so many cars in the tiny city he lives. His children were his business partners, after that they never speaked to each other again. Otmar's wife, Susi, died 6,5 years ago. Otmar says "you have now idea how it is to grow old alone". All the cars in Otmar's shop are brand new, they never had hit the streets. Every day, 6AM, he goes to the shop, keeps it all tidy, clean and shiny, the store and the cars, while drinking his mate. The cars are his company, his motivation, and his friends until he meets Susi again.

    I had translated every single word, even the bottom lines, but I mistyped my Intensedebate password and lost the whole text.

  • scoudude

    I don't quite understand why he didn't continue on as an independent. In Portland there was a guy, Ernie Bizio who had an International Harvester Light Line dealership. When IH ended production of the Scout he kept at it for about 30 more years. He had a great following so they just kept at it servicing vehicles, selling parts (he did maintain a relationship with IH and he eventual keeper of the Light Line flame, and had stocked up) He also did some business in selling used Scouts as well as the occasional lesser vehicle. It was what kept him going all that time. Once his mechanic and he decided it was time to retire he passed not too long after. When he retired he was the holder of the longest running auto dealer's license in the the state of Oregon at over 60 years in business, in the same location, none the less.

    • Sjalabais

      Great story. That is worth a post in its own right around here, isn't it?

  • dukeisduke

    The city is Estrela, Rio Grande do Sul state. Should be able to find the place on Google Maps.

  • Even an old dog needs to learn new tricks.

    As a time capsule, it's super cool. As a personal story of loss due to VW's cold hearted decision to maintain scale, it sounds a bit like a certain guy selling 15 bargain-priced luxury crapcans on Craigslist.

  • Parazzoli

    Scoudude, for you to understand why, you need to understand Brazil. This is the kind of thing that someone could only understand if you were born there. I don't mean to sound demagogue but this is the kind of cultural diference that's really hard to explain. I can understand your point of view but I can also understan why it would not be possible for him to do that.

    • scoudude

      Sorry but I don't understand this, since I don't know the culture never having been there. I can understand his dismay and the fact that those cars and the place is his life. That is what makes it so hard for me to understand why he wouldn't continue on as an independent repair facility and/or used car dealership.

  • dukeisduke

    I went to Google Maps to find the place, and found this weird Ford truck in the city:

    • scoudude

      Very weird Ford that is for sure. I'm guessing this one is custom though Ford did make some interesting vehicles in Brazil and other countries. I've seen a Hispanic language brochure for a 80's F100 that was the 70's US body and touting the new 2.3 4cyl base engine which from the pictures is definitely a Pinto 2.3. The alternate reality 80's Falcons based on the original body shell but with rectangular headlights and taillights are very interesting.

    • Vairship
  • dukeisduke

    And here's the dealership on Google Maps:

    • scoudude

      That was quite the nice and large facility for a small town dealer that didn't move that much metal. Looks like there is a serious amount of shop/storage space.

  • dukeisduke

    And I found at least two more videos (news stories) abut the dealership. I'd take the Beetle in the showroom, and the Kombi in the shop, and the SP2.

  • ricardo ventura

    dukeisduke: the "truck" that appears at google maps is not
    a Ford, but a Chevrolet, probably in 1980 or 1981 manufactured in Brazil with 6 cylinder engine.
    but the body was modified.

    Ricardo Ventura

    sorry but my english is ugly then use Google …

  • Mike

    Deceptive headline, not abandoned at all.

  • ricardo ventura

    abandoned commercialization, not the stock and store.

    Ricardo Ventura

  • staniby

    le stok is for sale ??