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Dodge Truck Sunday – A Very Rare 1967 Dodge Custom Sports Special Pickup on eBay

Jim Brennan September 8, 2013 For Sale, Weekend Edition 15 Comments

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Continuing on with our special Dodge Truck Sunday, and here is a real needle in the haystack, so to speak. This is a Dodge Sweptline Custom Sport Special (CSS), and it is a real beauty. These were produced only for a very brief time period, and a few of them were known to have the awesome 426 CID Wedge V-8. This one does not have that engine, which makes it more desirable to the rest of us…

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The Custom Sport Special Package (CSS) is a trim package that could be ordered on D & W 100, 200, Sweptline, Utiline, and Chassis cabs type trucks. The CSS package was offer from 1964 thru 1966 but examples of 1967 CSS’s were produced. The package consists of various parts pulled from other vehicles. The CSS option was around $235, and includes:
– Bucket seats (from the Dodge Dart)
– Center console (from the Dodge Polara)
– Carpet on floor and gas tank (hand cut and stitched instead of pre-molded pieces)
– Chrome bumpers
– Racing stripes
– Motor options include the 225 slant six, the 318 poly head V-8 and the HP 426W (only on D100 and D200)

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According to the listing for this truck:

This is a VERY RARE Mopar truck! The truck is a D100 Sweptline Custom Sports Special. This ad will describe how rare this truck really is.

Dodge produced the Custom Sports Special from 1964-1967. These were Mopars HOT ROD trucks with racing stripes and bucket seats. Dodge trucks also had the high performance package that was the 426 Wedge. There were less than 30 trucks produced with both of these packages. However, this truck does not have the 426, it has under gone a complete nut and bolt restoration and is museum quality. The pictures tell the story and don’t hide anything. This truck is THAT nice!!!

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The factory yellow yeoman 225-cid slant six engine runs smooth and is beautifully presented. The automatic transmission shifts great from the dash board shifter. The factory sport bucket seats are in perfect condition. The bumpers have just been re-chromed, topping off this wonderful restoration. The truck was a rust free truck when it was chosen to bring back to better than new. The odometer shows the original miles since new, the first time.

The only thing that has been changed from factory is the rear end. It came with 391 gears and they were changed to 323 for a better cruise.

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This truck should be considered in the realm of the superbird’s and other rare Mopars and would definately be the needed vehicle to top off anyone’s collection. When was the last time you have seen one? Probably never in this condition. Underneath is as nice as above. No expense was spared.

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With two days left until the bidding comes to a close, the top bid so far is $8,010, with an unmet reserve. This is being advertised as a truck that should being in vintage Hemi money, but in reality, it won’t. Trucks still have a long way to go before they realize that type of money, and a “Slant Six” Dodge Truck never will. Be that as it may, this truck is still lustworthy. See the listing here: 1967 DODGE D100 SWEPTLINE CUSTOM SPORTS SPECIAL

  • OA5599

    Very nice looking truck. It is a bit of a stretch for the seller to call it a museum-quality restoration (details like the battery, radiator cap, hose clamps, plug wires, etc.), but it's still quite nice looking.

    The CSS is a rare option, adding a bit of dress-up to a truck back in the days when that was still relatively uncommon. That doesn't put it in the "realm of the Superbirds" though, especially with a slant 6 under the hood. It would make a very nice fair weather driver, though, assuming the reserve is reasonable.

    BTW, if anybody is looking for a real needle-in-the-haystack '67 Dodge truck, you'll get your chance in January.


    <img src="http://images.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2013/08/SnakeandMongoose_02_1000-700×525.jpg"&gt;

  • dukeisduke

    Uhh, oooo-kay. A Slant Six with an automatic and 3.23 gears? It's like a Chevelle SS396 with a 250 1-bbl and a Powerglide. When I first read it didn't have a Hemi, I thought, "Maybe it has a 383?" Also, what's up with the front axle beam? Were they that poorly forged, did they use a poor alloy (soft and susceptible to damage), or was this one bent and then straightened at some point? Both the top and bottom flanges are wavy. I'm more interested in the red one that's peeking out of the shop.

    • Joe Btfsplk

      Looks like the farm had a few rocks and stumps that were just a touch higher than the axle. This truck saw some rough use earlier in life.

  • Sjalabais

    This weekend's choice of vehicles made me wonder if I accidentally went to blog.hemmings.com. Where is all the rust, and the signs of abuse we are so used to?

    That said, this is a fantastic truck! As I am not much into trucks, this is the first time I realize they could almost be luxury items already two generations ago. The condition of this vehicle is unbelieveable. Wouldn't know what to do with it, except wondering if I dare driving it today, tomorrow or ever.

  • stigshift

    Very cool, ultra rare truck. With a slant six automatic. There is no Santa Claus.

  • I've seen the truck up close and it is pretty nice. The owner is just as over the top as eBay listing wold lead you to believe. I can't imagine that there is a huge number of D100 Custom Sport Special Sweptside enthusiasts out there. But what do I know?

  • brucemcl

    This is sad. There was no good reason for anyone to buy something like this new in 1967. Want a sporty truck? Get a Ranchero or an El Camino. Want a slant six with racing stripes? Get a Valiant and a roll of electrician's tape. Or save yourself the embarrassment and skip the stripes.

    I think the same kind of person who thought this was cool in 1967 would now like a Ford Transit van with 17" wheels, racing stripes and seats from a Focus.

    After 45 years a bad joke of a car in very good condition becomes a desirable collectors car? I don't think so.

    • D100clw

      Bruce….. The whole reason for owning a Dodge is so you don't have to drive a Ford or a Chevy. Cheese and rice man! Keep coming back.

    • Sjalabais

      After 45 years everything turns to art. The rarer the better. Ford Transit logic applies to cars, not art. I even smile for old Corolla's and the odd Datsun.

      • brucemcl

        Even if it is rare because people were too smart and too sensible to buy it when it was new.

        • Sjalabais

          Yes, even then. This is just in from the department of perfect examples: http://bringatrailer.com/2013/09/08/rare-in-the-u

          • brucemcl

            That is a good example, I agree. But some art I just shake my head at, rather than smiling. A well preserved Nash Metropolitan will make me smile, a standard Rambler of the same era, not likely – unless something off the wall is done to it.

            • Sjalabais

              Holy macaroni! I guess we're down to a common denominator – taste is individual.


  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Details on this…that IP glass… It really is glass.

    Also, the automagic's shift lever was also used in the A-100/A-108 FC vans of the time.

    And those headlight doors? They're made out of aluminium so thin, it may was well be paper mâché.

    I've owned two A-108s. Neat trucks, honestly. The humongous steering wheel makes power steering wholly unnecessary.

  • sport_wagon

    What a great-looking truck. But to be supremely cool, it would need a manual gearbox and a turbo on that Leaning Tower of Power.